Where I am? I decided to surrender to the current, and it brought me somewhere, where I had never been before. Although, where else have I not been? I am older than all the islands and continents of this world.

I remember the beginning of time and the Garden of Eden. I was the first with the world's first woman. Her stupid husband found us, and saw only one of my tentacles, unknowingly mistook it for a snake. Unhappy snakes. You earned your bad reputation because of me, or rather one of my tentacles, which turned out to be not as agile as everyone else. How much water has flowed under the bridge since then.

I remember the times when I was worshiped as a god. An entire ship full of young virgins was sailing into the open sea. And even fifty young creatures seemed to me little then. Those who I especially liked, I kept for myself, moved to an island in the middle of the great ocean. They lived in a magnificent palace and knew nothing of denial.

My Eden was much better than the one where the first people lived. There were no prohibitions and stupid conventions here. Everyone lived the way they liked. Those were glorious times. Until the One who remained in heaven envied me and brought down what you call the Great Flood. You people think the Flood was for your sins, not at all. It was a blow to me, my Eden, which was much more beautiful and better. It was a blow to people's faith in me.

My beautiful island has sunk, I myself have sunk to the very bottom. I was forgotten. I was also depressed. Surely my poor tentacles yearned for warm moist shells and leathery sea cucumbers full of seed. Then I climbed to the surface and waited. Sooner or later a ship passed by, and I somehow could satisfy my hunger. But the happiness lasted only a few moments, I was again seized by melancholy and bitterness. Yes, I had sea creatures at my disposal in all their diversity. But after I tasted a man for the first time, I forgot about all the others.

You still have the legend of the Forbidden Fruit. But it was misled, the true Forbidden Fruit was a human, and the one who tasted it despite strict prohibitions was me. He who drove out of Eden both me and those unfortunate first people in heaven.

And then I learned that my enemy was dead. Everyone was talking about it, even stupid shrimps and blind deep-sea anglers. And then I made up my mind. If it was a lie, then I'm still tired of living this way, let him better finish me off with heavenly lightning. And if it was true, then I will finally be free. After so many millennia of crawling and vegetation in the depths of the sea. But where to go? And I decided to trust the current. Sea. It is older than me. It knows exactly what to do. And I trusted the will of the current, it brought me to the rocky shore.

When I got out of the water, it was night on the surface. The full moon was shining, my old friend, the planet Venus, winked at me. The sea was calm, it gently stroked my body. A three-story mansion towered on a rocky cliff. There were people there, I felt their warmth, I saw fragments of their thoughts. The mansion belonged to the family. Landlord, who is fifty years old, his stout wife, son and young wife and daughter. Also the cook and the groom. There were more servants and workers, but today was some kind of human holiday, the others left for the city.

My tentacles, shaking slightly with impatience, rushed towards the house. Most of the people were on the top floor, which was reserved for the master's bedrooms. The only one who slept upstairs was the owner of the house. In honor of the holiday, he drained the bottle hidden from his wife, and now slept serenely, shaking the room with a rolling snore. His wife could not sleep, she tossed and turned from side to side. She was disturbed by her husband's snoring and the noise behind the wall, in her son's bedroom. He selflessly made love to his young wife, not caring at all about the sounds that they produce. They were both very fond of this oldest of fun. Actually, they met at the Free Love Festival somewhere far from here. Nice place and close to the sea, I should visit it in the future. I felt them imperceptibly, they hardly noticed it, my tentacles are invisible, if I so wish.

She lay under him, resting her feet on his chest. He moved slowly, penetrating his small thick cock into her wet pussy. She squeezed his palms in hers, squeezed them at a moment of especially pleasant friction, moaned loudly. Not that she felt great pleasure, she just liked to tease the prim mother-in-law and nasty sister-in-law. She tried to scream so that they knew about her every orgasm. And they were jealous. But to make her scream sincerely, she needed a little different. Before meeting her husband, she was often given to different men and women at that festival. And she especially liked it when she was rudely had, like a whore, thrusting a thick penis or dildo into the anus, while her partner would growl like a beast or speak obscenities. She missed it so much after the wedding.

The landlord's wife behind the wall really heard the creak of the bed, groans and was angry. But in fact, she really was a little jealous, the landlord had not cleared her holes for many years, preferring the company of a John Barleycorn. Sometimes she would take the empty bottle that he left under the bed and carefully tuck the neck into herself. The sensations were not at all the same as those from the sinewy snags of her husband, but even this, after several movements, brought her relief, she ended long drawn out, tightly, uttering a low uterine sound. Unhappy woman, I understand her.

Behind another wall, the junior daughter was kneeling in front of a man executed on the cross and whispering a prayer. She believed very much in this dead man. The local peoples believed that he was the son of my enemy, that he had come to save them from their sins. What a clever plan. First to instill in people a false sense of guilt, and then to rule them through it. Even the dead, my enemy had power over the minds of the living.

The girl prayed fervently to calm the heat in her body, especially between her legs. In fact, hearing these groans and creaks, she really wanted the groom to come up to her from behind and abruptly take her while she prays. She would like to become his mare, his slave. Sitting at his feet and taking his shameless oud into his mouth, like a shameless daughter-in-law to his stupid brother.

She all saw how they were engaged in debauchery in the forest. And I could not tear myself away from this sight. To somehow make it easier, she went to confession to the holy father, ardently and passionately retelling all her sinful thoughts. Priest listened attentively and even with a kind of strange excitement. She stopped going to him when one day she noticed that at the time of her stories there was a bump on his pants. And once, when she told him about that scene of debauchery in the forest, this mound twitched and a wet spot spread out in its place. For a long time she could not recover from disgust at the sight of this. And since then she prayed at home. Her dead god at least did not allow such nonsense.

The cook downstairs did not hear any noise. But even if she did, he would hardly have worried her. She had not been interested in such things for a long time. Although, when she first came to work on this estate, the owner immediately noted her impressive merits. Often he slapped her voluminous ass, pinched her huge thick breasts. And sometimes he even bent her over the kitchen table, lifted her skirts and passionately took possession from behind, moved violently, then pulled out sharply, sprinkling her legs with hot seed. Then he said that he loved her, and slightly bit her bare buttock. And everything would be fine if one day the owner did not have time to pull out his hose in time and the cook realized that in her old years she was waiting for a child.

Upon learning of this, he became very angry, shouted a lot. And then he gave money and ordered to solve this problem immediately. What a shame she had to go through in a secret clinic in the city, where she sat in line for an appointment with fallen women. Actually, then they stopped being drawn to each other, he began to drink more and more often. And the cook too. After drinking a supply of sweet liqueur, she slept in a rocking chair. From the open window, a fresh sea breeze was blowing on her.

The groom slept in the stable on a haystack. His sleep was uneasy. He was young and handsome in his own way. But he had no women for six months. He went crazy because of this and even looked at the horses he courted. Now he was dreaming about the wife of the young owner. The two of them sat astride a horse, he is like an ordinary rider, she is facing him, shamelessly spreading her graceful little legs. He penetrated her without dismounting from the saddle, holding her so that she would not fall off the horse, which was galloping along the endless meadow. He felt good, but, like any person in the grip of an erotic dream, he could not discharge himself. In reality, his penis was filled with maximum strength and dripped with transparent lubricant, deceived by the power of his master's imagination. What a sweet flour.

Now, I hope you understand why after intercourse with the first woman, I stopped looking towards other beings? Only people can turn this rather banal process into something fascinating and exciting with the power of their imagination. Poor unhappy people. How long have you been bullied by my enemy. Now it won't be like that. I will bring you love. To all of you. But I'll start, perhaps, with those who now cannot find peace in this estate.

My tentacles eagerly rushed to the people. Their skin, delicate smooth skin. My tentacles stroked all of them selflessly. And the landlord's wife, who even stopped tossing and turning and closed her eyes in pleasure. Of course, she did not understand what was happening to her, believing that a light breeze was playing with her heated body. And the junior daughter stopped her useless prayer, went to bed, imagining how she melts in the arms of the groom. The unhappy cook stopped snoring, stretched out her massive legs in sweet bliss.

The eldest son and his wife continued to have sex, he could not be discharged in any way. And without this, he believed that the act did not take place. One of the tentacles tickled his anus, the second gently wrapped around the scrotum, pulled slightly. It always works. His face became stupid and ridiculous and he, twitching his pelvis, began to fill his wife with the waiting seed. She covered his stupid face with her feet and screamed so loudly that she woke even the cook on the first floor. But the mother-in-law and sister-in-law did not react to this, captured by the caress of my tentacles. Some have already slipped there, down to their cherished shells. How I missed them. I began to slightly tease the cherished tubercle of the junior daughter, evoking more and more depraved pictures in her imagination.

But her mother decided to work harder. I wanted her more than anyone, her unfortunate fate was too close to me. In addition, she was so large, filled with juices, she looked like the first woman in Eden. My tentacles penetrated under the nightgown, made her nipples harden, others were already scurrying along the shell, slightly pushing its flaps apart. She was all arched, lying on her back. She had never in her life gotten such an affection. The husband usually took her immediately, as a preliminary caress, except perhaps by biting her buttocks and breasts, which she never liked, unlike the cook. In addition, her skin was too tender, from these bites the bruises did not disappear for a long time. I was as gentle as ever. Now I wanted to make up for her all that was so lacking during her half-century life. I glided over her body, embraced, stroked.

She was now wrapped in a cocoon from my tentacles. I even raised it slightly above the bed. She still thought she was dreaming, and her husband did not even move, taking out disgusting roulades with his nose. I caressed not only familiar places for everyone, but also those whose caresses you think are funny and stupid. The tips of the tentacles tickled his ears, nose, armpits. She wriggled all over, now laughing, now deeply and deeply moaning, which inflamed me even more. I wanted her to wake up these doves behind the wall with her moans so that they would envy her pleasure.

How good she is! And how deep is her shell that gave birth to more than one child. It accommodated as many as five of my tentacles. They filled her with warmth and piercing pleasure, rushed to the uterus and that cherished point, the pressure on which intensifies pleasure, makes the body shudder in endless orgasms. When she began to moan, arching her back in an arc, I covered her husband's ears with several tentacles so that he would not wake up from such a noise. Yes, it was disgusting to penetrate the ear holes, clogged with wax, but this was a small sacrifice compared to the enchanting explosion that his wife made.

The eldest son even jumped out of bed because of the noise, believing that his mother was ill and needed to go to her aid. But my tentacles have already entangled him. He thought that no one would ever know about his first sex with the holy father. He thought he would not be able to reveal his fantasies to anyone when he was taken while he was sitting on a man's lap. Even at the Free Love Festival, he didn't quite follow his true desires. Poor fellow, I will help you.

My tentacles formed a kind of chair, on which I sat the landlord's son. Only now this chair turned out to be with a secret, as soon as he lowered his ass on it, two tentacles persistently penetrated into his anus without pain. He groaned, his cock began to grow. His wife jumped up in horror, but she was already overwhelmed by me. I put her on my knees in front of him and forced her mouth to caress his cock. The man threw his head back and groaned. This is what he has dreamed of all these years. But it was necessary to take care of his depraved wife.

She is just in that position where you can take her doggy style, rude and growl. I don't know how to growl, but it's enough to start her imagination, and she herself will present instead of my tentacles scurrying in her expiring vagina that healthy man from the festival beach. I took it with force, but trying not to overdo it. One of my tentacles grabbed and pulled her hair. She imagined that her stallion called her a whore, and began to cum like she had never finished in marriage. At this moment, her husband poured into her mouth, experiencing his first prostate orgasm in his life.

Of course, I have not forgotten about the junior daughter. The girl still kept her virginity, even though she was already a quarter of a century old, it had to be corrected immediately. At first she covered herself with a pillow when I let her go a little, carried away by her neighbors on the floor, and then, as always, knelt down and began to pray fervently. They say this position is ideal for first penetration. This is a lie, of course. But what's the difference, even more so for me. Do not be afraid, dear, I will be gentle. At least at first. Now you will lose your virginity, and both holes at once. You are incredibly lucky. My tentacles penetrated my vagina and anus at the same time. The anus is, of course, the smallest and thinnest tentacle and the very tip. The main sink, however, required a larger gizmo. You think the groom has a big one, like your favorite black stallion? You are almost not mistaken. She cried out in surprise, grabbed the crucifix with her hands, as if drowning in a saving rope. Marvelous. I fucked her in both holes, through moans and tears she continued to read her stupid prayer. Although, it turned me on even more.

I know everything about you. This is not enough for you. You also want to be whipped in the process. When you were little, slavery was still practiced in these parts. And you well remember how they punished one fugitive slave, how he held back a cry, holding a stick in his teeth. How red scars swelled on his back. Well, your desire is the law for me. I always do what you dream of and nothing more. One of my tentacles clamped over her mouth, another long and elastic one began to whip her on the bottom. What an orgasm she had. Perhaps, she even surpassed her mother in the power of the release of pleasure. At the moment of orgasm, her eternally dissatisfied face became joyful and she, closing her eyes, repeated only one word, continuing to twitch on my elastic dicks. "Amen... amen... amen", she whispered in unconsciousness, looking as if she knew the highest grace. Maybe it is. I'm also a kind of god.

I have not forgotten the cook either. I took it without any special frills, imitating sex with the owner in her best years. The unhappy woman never got married, having fallen in love with one man who was not worthy of her. My tentacles made their way to the stable. The tentacles curled around the sleeping groom's penis, forming what felt like a female cave. Come on, friend, I will help you discharge. There is too much semen in your scrotum, it is unhealthy. His dream has changed. Now he was here in his stable. He was lying on his back, the wife of the young owner jumped on his penis, urging him on with her hips, like a restive stallion.

He tried to catch her bouncing breasts with his hands or run his thumb over her full pink lips. Meanwhile, the owner's daughter, whom he found cute, but too boring, hotly caressed his scrotum and anus with her tongue. And the hostess herself, stout, full of vitality and beauty, sat down on his face with her huge greedy bosom, and he began to fuck her with the tip of his tongue. She was breathing heavily and smelled sweet of sweat. At that moment the groom finished both in his sleep and in reality. That was a fountain! I have not even seen such a thing with whales.

I fucked them all until dawn. It was pleasant for me to feel that now, having penetrated and embraced all these people with tentacles, I somehow connected them, destroyed the stupid barriers in their heads, combined their fantasies, desires and pleasure into a single symphony. When they all burst into a powerful simultaneous orgasm, and I was finally covered with a wave of unprecedented bliss. I haven't felt so good since the days of Eden. And what is important, I did not see the evil condemning gaze from heaven. He really died. I even felt a little sorry for him. After all, he gave birth to me at the beginning of time. He built this wonderful world. You created, and I will make it perfect and full of pleasure. Yes, father, it will be so. I once had a small island, and now I own the whole world that you built.

My tentacles, satisfied and well-fed, slowly crept back into the sea. How good. A ship sailed past, scattering the darkness with lights. He was on his way to the big city, not far from here. Here my mission is over, everyone is happy. But the whole city will have to work hard. Well, nothing, I can handle it. Peace, I'm coming to you! Meet a new god that will bring you a thousand delights!