Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. is highly specialized in civil and criminal cases. Currently, she works as Chief Municipal Public Defender where she works to provide education and training to the staff on current legal issues and liaisons with the court administration, judges, and other court personnel. She deals with the paperwork and communication involved with the client's cases.

Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. revises and institutes new office policies post-Covid 19 and formulates new office operations that are internet and virtual court based. Working here since 2020, Rachel reviews and adopts policies and procedures that are consistent with the Administrative Office of the Courts and State of New Jersey Public Defender's office. Besides, she works to resolve court scheduling issues and conflict assignments.

As the former solo practitioner, she had a knack for enjoying the business side of running a legal practice. Besides, she represented corporations and non-profit organizations regarding corporate formation, employment issues and business operations.

Rachel started her career as an attorney at Essex County Public Defender's Office in Newark. Rachel litigated criminal indictable cases including drug offenses, theft, sexual assault, armed robberies, and possession of deadly weapons. She assigned assistant public defender to represent clients at arraignment and bail hearings.

About Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq.

Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. pursued Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. She had her double major in Sociology and Administration of Justice.