After having a humble start, Joseph Girouard built over 10 million square feet of commercial and retail space, more than 30,000 private homes and over 5,000 apartment units, and continues to do some amazing work. He is best known for his honesty and goes on to attribute this success to his blood. He also goes on to say that real estate is in his blood. While he inherited the business acumen from his father, the kind of life he has created for his family, himself, and his employees, is a result of his consistent hard work.

Even though he grossed just $1,050 in the first year, Joseph Girouard did not let that dampen his spirit, and the situation began to improve from the second year. As of today, in addition to being a respected real estate developer in New York, he is also the largest private landowner of this area and the managing owner of a professional baseball team.

About Joseph Girouard

Joseph Girouard is one of the most prominent American real estate developers, who had started his career with just $250, that too, borrowed from his wife. Over the years, he worked steadily up the ladder. Notably, he made it to a renowned business magazine a few years back where for the first time, he talked about his struggles in the journey.