Someone happened upon her
And she reacted with
Instinctive hostility

Though she reacted weakly
Her hostility didn't last
She was too weak to fight

He wondered as to how
She didn't die, considering
The disease she was carrying

And how it progressed
Past its initial stability

It took a bit of talking
He learned more about her
Recognizing the biohazard tag

That she was wearing at the time
Of her escape

He'd come back to visit her
Repeatedly, bringing her food and
What medicines he could

To replace the ones
That were running out

He was exceptional
He was exposed to her disease
Yet, manifested no symptoms

Not even the skin discolorations

She felt almost inclined
To push him away or run away
Than to see him succumb to her disease

A month had passed
He was still healthy, while she
Wasn't anywhere near stabilized

Besides her sanity
Or what remained being intact

Unbeknownst to them both,
He was immune, something
That seemed almost impossible

She did know one thing
They had only each other
And they'd have to fight to survive

As the chaos would come again
And it would be coming for them