Hello and welcome to this wonderful little story of mine that I have for you all to read and enjoy. If you want to, that is.

This is a collection of one-shots, two-shots, drabbles, mini-arcs, alternate universes, and more set within the Cateyes arc of Soldiers. This series is mostly centered around the Four, hence the title, as they all have bird-themed names. However, I will write chapters for other characters as well, but it's mostly for the four main kitties and possibly the secret society as well.

This is meant to be a fun little project whenever I'm running low or out od ideas or inspiration for others. This might help spark ideas and fuel a new spark for something. It's less taxing and heavy compared to other stories, as this is just a collection of different stories. Most are stand-alone things unless I connect them together and make an over arcing plot. This is less plot heavy than a normal story.

I'm hoping by doing this as well, it will help me improve my writing and get better. I'd say I'm fairly decent at writing, but I know I could get better. Especially if I want to become a professional writer one day. Here's hoping this helps me out in the long run!

I'll post the allegiances before writing the actual first chapter of a prompt, word, or phase that will kick start this story. Just so you all know the characters, where they're from, and what they look like for when they appear in chapters of this collection.

So until that time comes, I'll see you then!

Please stay safe out there and take care!