After the incident at the Temple, Myles thought Jonesy might be embarrassed about his behaviour, but Myles was very wrong. Jonesy knew the Temple broadcasted the service on the internet and he was very anxious to watch it on the Temple's website. When Myles heard this he suggested very subtly that maybe Jonesy should see a psychiatrist to get help. Jonesy's reply was that he didn't need a nut doctor. He also told Myles that his best friend, Donald, was from a very prominent family that came from England and Myles was just lucky to inherit money from his mother. It was his way of getting back at Myles for suggesting that he needed a psychiatrist. Myles ignored the insult because he knew that Jonesy needed help. He also mentioned to Myles that now he was going to an Orthodox synagogue where they were going to hire him as the assistant cantor. Myles knew that wasn't true because Jonesy had a lousy voice, but Myles remained silent. Jonesy always thought he was a good singer, in fact when he was high he would sing at restaurants where he went to eat. At one such place his friend was told never to bring him back.

Jonesy would complain to Myles that his relatives didn't treat him right, so one day he went to his great nephew's house, uninvited, to complain about it. He was promptly told to leave and not come back.

One nice summer day Jonesy invited Myles to go for a walk outside. He agreed and they walked a few blocks. Then things got weird. Jonesy asked Myles if he wanted to have some fun. Myles asked him what he meant. He said he was going to go into an apartment building and ring all the bells. Myles asked him why he would do such a juvenile act. He told Myles it would be fun. Myles refused to go, so he went by himself and rang every bell.

After that he emerged from the building laughing like an hyena. He was telling Myles how much fun it was. Soon a very tall young man came out and inquired who had rung the bells. Jonesy laughingly answered that it was him. The man told him if he ever did it again he would punch him out. Jonesy told him that he wasn't scared and he was ready to defend himself right now. The man came after Jonesy, but luck was on Jonesy's side, as a police car came by and told the man to beat it or he would be arrested.

After that Myles told Jonesy that he had better get help or Myles would drop him as a friend. Jonesy reluctantly agreed and made an appointment at the office of a prominent psychiatrist. When Jonesy went for the appointment he had calmed down and so the psychiatrist told him he was fine. Myles was not in agreement and this created friction between them.

Next thing on Jonesy's list of things to do was to have a party to celebrate Bastille Day. He went around inviting everybody to the party at a local restaurant. People were wondering why he wanted to celebrate the French national holiday when they lived in Canada. Jonesy was the only one who thought it was suitable for a celebration. Nobody showed up, which made Jonesy very upset.

It was time for Jonesy to finally have a successful endeavour. He organized a trip to Vermont for a busload of people. He had almost a full bus and even made a profit from it. Myles remembered leaving the city a little late, but everybody had a good day. They visited Burlington, and the capital, Montpelier. Jonesy had to put up with a rowdy passenger, an elderly man who might have had some dementia. The man punched Jonesy in the stomach for no apparent reason. Everybody got home safely in the evening. Jonesy had proven to Myles that he could pull off something successful after all. At the moment, Myles was actually proud of him.