Realms of Alerfa Dossiers: King Heylel


King Heylel is the god and king of all angels and holy beings that reside in Godheim, as well as the king of Paradiso Kingdom.

At Earth reckoning, Heylel appears to be 35 years old, whose height is at 5'11" and weights at least 189 lbs.

His appearance is quite peculiar to most mortal beings, especially through the eyes of humans. Heylel's skin is that of a baby blue shade, soft and smooth. He has short white hair underneath his veil, as well as two white wings adorning his head. Even his ears are tiny little white wings hiding under the headdress. His eyes are a brilliant shade of blue green, and his pupils are slit shaped, just like those of a house cat. Heylel strangely has no nose, not even nostrils. However, he does have whiskers on his face that give him a sense smell to make up for having no nose. He has two cream white wings on his back to use for flying, as well as gliding. Heylel also has a sleek, lizard like tail and feet like bird or dragon talons.

Heylel's default outfit consists of a violet bejeweled crown in the likeness of what humans would see as a bishop's headdress. There is even a place on the crown for his top head wings to poke out. Under the crown, there is a striped black and white veil, with the front half having two flaps vertically billowing on the side, as well as a horizontal veil that covers the neck and upper part of his body. The veil in back in one piece, and is long enough to touchdown at his ankles. Heylel wears both a royal outer robe and a simple inner robe. The inner robe is a canary shade of yellow, while his outer robe is the hues of red and peach, with zig zags resembling that of thick tiger stripes on a tiger's coat.

Heylel also wears jewelry, showing off that he is at the top of the divine hierarchy in his world. On his right hand, he wears an intricate bracelet, made of pure gold, adorn with rubies and red star sapphires. His left hand is adorn with simple gold hoop bracelets hidden under his large, flowing sleeves. The belt holding his robes together is a bejeweled golden belt adorn with violet garnet stones. Both ankles are adorn with golden anklets with rubies set in them. His left talon has a toe ring with a red star sapphire in the middle. His tail ring is adorn with two red star sapphires on both front and back.


Heylel is quite strong willed and devoted to his royal duties. Though he has been known to be rather prideful, stubborn, and cocky to many that have met him. Heylel has been known to have a trickster side to him. He is considered a lawful neutral trickster most of the times.

Heylel also has a strong fondness for female beings, especially his female creations, the four elemental succubi, known as Alk (wind), Namaah (earth), Agrat (fire), and Lilin (water/ice). Since Yurvah's human creation, Adi-Hawwa, violently rejected his elemental succubi, Heylel vows to protect them as well as marrying Alk, making the succubus of wind, his very own Queen.

As well as his devotion to his consort Alk and her fellow elemental succubi Namaah, Agrat, and Lilin, he is very protective of his son, Prince Baal, who he dotes on greatly.

Though after a while, the once peaceful relationship between Heylel and Yurvah, started to become more rocky over time, to the point where Heylel becomes a little bit paranoid, alongside developing trust issues. Because of that, Heylel gets very picky with strangers, making those not familiar with this King to earn his trust, as well as earn his friendship.


King Heylel is the most experienced in white magic and summoning magic. His main classes that he mastered are the Cleric class, the Sage class, the Bishop class, and the Conjurer class . Heylel can purify cursed/toxic lands, heal allies health, cast protection spells on allies, has exorcism magic, can use holy element attack spells and can summon holy beings native to Godheim to aid him in battle. He also has the power of flight, since he has two wings on the back and four on the sides of his head.

Heylel's magical strength is high, with some decent agility, sub-par defense and rather low physical attack. Heylel's weapons of choice, are magic canes, enchanted staves, and mystical rods. All of these weapons of choice are capable of blessing Heylel with magical abilities. However, some of these weapons are more durable than others, since staffs, scepters and rods sculpted by mortal hands tend to break easier than the type made by divine hands.

Name Meaning and Inspiration:

Heylel is derived from the Hebrew term for "Praise be!".

Also, Heylel is the name of a fallen angel in the Hebrew Bible, who is known to be the Jewish equivalent of Lucifer from various Christian Bibles. Unlike in the Hebrew Bible, The Realms of Alerfa Heylel was once the ruler of his own kingdom, while Yurvah was the ruler of his divine garden that was inspired by The Garden of Eden in Abrahamic texts.