Realms of Alerfa Dossiers: King Odinn Vatam


King Odinn is a member of the Aesir god clan, with his dark brown hair, mustache and beard, had a few pale white streaks in it, making Odinn appear as a human male in his late 40's, early 50's years of age. He has grayish-blue eyes with a slight slant to them, making the Aesir look like he is constantly squinting.

His default outfit consisted of a pointy tan leather hat, a grayish-blue cape, a gold laced black top with shoulder pads, white gloves with gold lacing, baggy black trousers, and wore white and gold boots.

King Odinn's height is at 6'4" at his tallest, while weighing 197 lbs, making him slender, yet somewhat muscular at the same time.


King Odinn is known by many, to be a rather strict and stern Aesir king, who takes the code of divine honor seriously. He is also known to be both brotherly or paternal to those who are close to him, whether they are divine or mortal.

He does, however, have a fear and disdain for demonic beings, seeing them as a wildly unpredictable threat to both divine beings, and mortal beings alike. However, despite his uneasiness around beings of darkness, he still did manage to adopt the half-demon Loki Hrimthung into his clan, treating the hybrid spirit as his own younger brother.

But little did Odinn know about Loki's true motives, since after all Loki is a trickster spirit. A trickster with both the blood of an angel, and the blood of a demon.


King Odinn has most experiences in both physical attack and magical attack classes. Classes he is experienced at, are the Knight, Mystic Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer, Grand Mystic, Meteorite, Rune Master, and the Warlock classes.

Though King Odinn can use most magic, he cannot summon angels, demons, undead, dragons, nor even magical elemental spirits, known as Vadygers, for that matter. Though King Odinn can use healing magic, he is still not as powerful of a healing mage as King Heylel is.

King Odinn, is, however, very skilled at both black and gray, on top of being a rather hardy physical age, despite his outer appearance. Though on the other hand, Odinn's defense is very weak and pathetic, compared to his allies accompanying him.

Name Meaning and Inspiration:

King Odinn Vatam is heavily inspired by the Odin in Norse/Germanic Mythology. Just like his mythological counterpart, King Odinn is the King of Walhalla Kingdom (Valhalla/Valhol in the official Norse scripture), as well as being the patron deity of hunters, wisdom, warriors, magicians, nature, and psychic powers.

In the old Norse/Germanic scriptures, Odin went by many names. He went by the name "Woden" in Old English, "Wodan" in old Saxon, "Wuoden" in Old Dutch, and "Wuotan" in Old German.

No matter what name he goes by, all names have their origin in the Old German theonym, "Wodanaz", meaning "Lord of the Possessed", or alternately, "The Lord of Frenzy". This comes from Norse mythology Odin being affiliated with Berserker warriors of various Germanic tribes, who were known to the fiercest class of warriors in the European Middle Ages.