That day I sat in the wind with this girl that wouldn't speak next to me, the day didn't end there. The day had turned to evening and as the sky cleared up, the full moon came out announcing the night. My parents were still talking, time seemed to not exist for them for that day. But boredom struck me that day. Seeing my state of mind, the girl walked away, she put on shoes. I watched her and then her eyes locked on me, she looked at me with intent, I had to put on my shoes as well and follow her.

We went out on the road, street lights attempted to illuminate the area, though the moon was simply too bright, they acted as little more than very early Christmas lights. The moon showed the road in detail, the sand glistening on its sides. Though the further we walked, the more dull the road looked, the sharpness faded, it became a road well trodden. As we descended the hill a bit and the houses become less taken care of. Roads became more winding, following the strange contours of the hills. Lights no longer in a long clear line, but hiding behind trees and buildings. The moonlight also struggled to find its way to the pavement.

Then we were there, we stopped. A street that seemed to be in the middle of this city and yet somehow distanced and away from everywhere. It felt isolated and inaccessible, yet here it was. On it were mostly trees, other houses hiding behind it, power lines on poles just passed through, barely there to stop. There was only this one house. A large front lawn, no discernable driveway or path to the front door. Just slightly overgrown grass and then the house. Large trees almost hid it, blending it in with the background. We stood there on the pavement and watched it. We were held back, if only symbolically, with a small picket fence no more than 50 cms high. Once painted white, it was in slight disrepair. It could use fresh paint, but also some of the pickets had been broken off or were pulled crooked.

The house was also in somewhat of a state of disrepair or it was not. It had a chimera like quality. It looked all fine, then as one of the trees moved, it suddenly seemed that the wooden panels were crooked, that the paint had gone, that the wood was rotting. The light shifted subtly again and it seemed fine, the panels straight, the wood healthy though it could still use some paint. The house did this constantly, subtle shifts of light changing the character of the house. It was a large house, though the trees masked it's true outlines. It was tall, tucked in under the larger trees, there were three comfortable stories. A small step to the front door, which was recessed into the building itself, above it large windows on the first floor, presumably for the staircase and again on the third floor, though the floors were clearly demarked on the outside by a big wooden beam.

The chimera like quality continued to its left side, where the house featured two large windows. Then the house seemed to turn away, a trick of the light, trees obscuring the exact curvature and size. One moment it would seem to go on for several more meters, another moment it seemed to stop relatively quickly. Above it there was one big window and the rest was almost entirely obscured. I might have gone on for another 10 meters or it might have stopped after 2. The movement of the trees shifting the house's shape. The top floor at least felt more clearly, aside from the large window for the staircase the rest of the top floor was at least slightly slanted. Again the angles here were completely obscured by the trees. It looked dark though, dark and strangely comforting.

The right of the house was somewhat more clear, Several smaller windows gave away the bathroom, a sequence of larger windows showed the larger kitchen. Next to that a roofed area for a car, though it was impossible to judge whether it was for one car or two. The bedrooms above it were clearly shown, the only part that felt unambiguous. Then the top floor came and that again was obscured by the trees. It felt strange how the trees were able to cover it the way they did. They must have been impossibly wide or dangerously overhanging. There was no way to watch what was behind the house, the front garden was too short to make any imagination either. The way the light shifted and the moonlight fell, the house had a quality where it was both part of a beautiful dream as well as a horrid nightmare.

We were about 6 meters from the front door, it felt tangible almost. I caught myself holding out my hand, surprised by my own action, I watched my hand in disbelief. Then she grabbed my arm, that warmth I'll never forget, it provided a deeply satisfying comfort. Then she rested her head on my shoulder. We continued to watch the house and see it shift shape.

Curiosity got the best of me as I wanted to step closer. I stepped over the fence and she held me back. Turning around and putting her hand on my chest. The spell was broken and I felt tears rolling down my face and I watched my hand relax completely. She put her head on my shoulder again and comforted me. As though she had gone through the same thing somehow, as though she had experienced the same. As though comforted by the fact that we were able to share this experience, that she did not live through it alone. I embraced her and a short time later we returned back to her home. I will never know what happened there, we never exchanged a single word, but the experiences of that day I will never forget. I will certainly not forget her either.