Warning: This story contains graphic violence, sex and has overall mature themes and is not for the easily offended. Nor is it for the faint of heart

Hello. I am LeetheElf. And this is a dark fantasy story taken inspiration from Dark fantasy manga series such as Berserk. And I hope you guys will enjoy it.

A man dressed in black walks in the forest. He has a big long sword on his back, he has white spikey hair and he wears an eyepatch on his right eye, and he also has poiny ears. He walks deep into the forest until he meets a woman

Woman: Hello handsome


The one eyed elf arc

Chapter 1: The lady in the forest

The woman standing in front of the man was about the same age and has long silver hair with green eyes.

Woman: "My my, A tall handsome man like you must have a big one"

The one eyed man: "..."

Woman: "Would you like to come with me"

The woman was smiling quite beautifully but the one eyed man shows no interest what so ever

The one eyed man: "I'm not interested"

Woman: "Oh come on don't be like that. Would't you like to come with me into my cottage? I promise that it will be a very memorable night"

The woman put her left hand to the man's crotch

Woman: "You will regret it if you walk away"

The one eyed man: "... It's clear to me that you won't take no for an answer"

Woman: "Thats correct... Now... What will it be?"

The one eyed man: "... I guess it won't hurt for one night at least"

Woman: "Great... By the way. My name is Aisha, whats your name handsome?"

The one eyed man: "... It's Zet"

Aisha: "It's nice meeting you Zet"

And then the two of them walks together deep into the forest. After a couple of hours they reach to a small cottage and by the time they finally get there the sun started to set.

Aisha: "This is where I live"

Zet: "That cottage looks like a piece of shit"

Aisha: "Ha ha. I love a man with a sense of humor"

Zet: "I wasn't joking"

Aisha started to look a bit annoyed

Aisha: "You're not afraid to say whats on your mind aren't you? You should be careful for what you're saying. People can get offended you know"

Zet: "I don't give a shit how people feel"

Aisha: "... I see. You're quite a brave man"

Zet: "Not really"

Aisha pull out a key from her pocket and opened the cottage and then both of them entered inside. Zet lay down his sword right next to the door and then he walked to the bed and decided to sit on it. Aisha started to take off her clothes

Aisha: "So tell me Zet. Where are you going?"

Zet: "... I'm looking for someone"

Aisha: "Really? And who is that?"

Zet: "Jude"

And then all of a sudden Aisha has shocked expresion on her face

Zet: "Do you know where I can find him?"

Aisha: "... No... I don't know who he is"

Zet stares at Aisha and has a very suspicious look on his face

Zet: "Is that right?"

Aisha takes off all of her clothes and is now completely naked and she walks to Zet very slowly

Aisha: "Look... Let's forget all of that. And let us have a night to enjoy... Okay?"

Zet rise up from the bed and then he took off all of his clothes as well and then he himself is completely naked and Aisha was lying on the bed and the Zet was lying on top of Aisha and then Zet started to thrust his penis inside of Aisha's vagina. And Aisha moans in delight

Aisha(moaning): "Oh... Yes"

And then at the very momment they are climaxing. Aisha's skin color changed to completely dark. And her eye color turned red and wings grew out on her back revealing her true form.

Aisha: "Foolish man, now I am going to suck your life out"

But then Zet pulls out a knife he hid under the bed and stabbed Aisha right into her mouth and a lot of blood gushed out of her mouth and Zet was smilling sadistically

Zet: "He he he. You're the one who is foolish. Did you actually think I didn't know?"

Aisha: "A... A..."

Zet: "Do you know where Jude is?"

Zet quickly pulled out the knife and then stabbed Aisha on her left shoulder which made her scream in pain

Zet: "NOW TALK!"

Aisha: "... I... I..."

Zet: "WELL!"

Aisha: "I don't know where he is... I'm sorry... I swear I don't know... Please just go"

Zet: "But you know who he is... Have you ever met him?"

Aisha: "Just once... Near Miya village... Quite a man he is... So ruthless and shows no mercy what so ever. Even calling him a monster is an understatement. Even monsters are afraid of him... And he killed my sisters..."

Zet: "... Is that all you can say?"

Aisha: "Thats all I know... I SWEAR"

Zet looks angry and then he pulls out his knife and then he immediatly stabs Aisha in her head killing her. And when he pulled out the knife blood spurted out from her head. He then put on all of his clothes back and put his own sword on his back. When he was about to walk out. He quickly looks at Aisha's dead body

Zet: "... Pitiful"

Zet walks out of the cottage and into the forrest. After an entire day walking he sees a village...

Zet: "Miya village"

To be continued