[Welcome Back to Earth … !]

(The Abyss Between the Worlds;)

'Where am I? How did I get here?'The words swirled in my mind. 'More importantly, who am I?' Then, as if the heavens want to enlighten me, I felt my mind being gripped by an unseen force and my jaw lock, preventing a scream.

As this happened, my body tumbled inside of this endless darkness I awoke in. I began seeing thousands of images, and at first, I thought it was two people, two lives.

One was a young man in a civilized world whom I felt faintly familiar with, but the other was a figure that looked to be a middle-aged man. I noticed his body exuded an ancient and ethereal aura that could only exist in the world of a wuxia novel as the world I saw around that man had things not seen in the younger man's world.

But the more I looked at those figures as their images flooded my mind causing my body to spasm, I realized both men in those images filling my mind were the same. Actually, they were me; my past incarnations brought to life. As more images merged with my brain, it became very apparent all of these images were from my own past lives, but even, so my body spasmed in a state of eminence pain as each image merged with my brain. If I could cry out, I would, but no sounds nor tears would come as I was continued to be assaulted and tumbled in this void.

As more images came, my former life became more and more clear. Through the information given. I soon learned I was formerly from a world called Earth in my youth, living in a city called San Francisco. But one day in my sophomore year in high school at the city's school of the arts.

I was stricken by a hop on hop off double-decker tourist bus, after the driver had a heart attack while behind the wheel. This fate allowed the massive, monster of a bus to move forward and perfectly striking me.

I don't remember what happened next as I only saw this same inky blackness I saw now, and when I did finally saw the world before me again. I was no longer on earth, and I would only later learn this world name was 'Azural.'

When I learned that I had been transmigrated from Earth to this new world, I was excited. But unlike the novels, I had read in books and online, I soon found that I wasn't given a cheat that would allow me to trample over this world and become the main character of my own adventure.

As I traveled this new world, I soon learned something rather important. Unlike my previous world where science and technology were kings, this place was a world of mysticism and cultivation. After learning this, I made the decision to begin this path as it was my only choice to survive in the world, not even thinking how I could return to Earth. (If that was even possible.)

As more images came, more of my story became clear. I saw time pass; the many struggles and more the years like drops of rainwater falling to the ground came, and I developed as a cultivator passing realms by leaps and bounds.

I faced many tribulations as I came closer and closer to becoming a God. From the first heavenly tribulation, that cracked the mortal shackles to the next tribulation where I went from being a mortal to gaining the power and body of a demi-god. As I freed myself more, I was still a mortal but gaining power. And the most important thing to a cultivator is time.

Time passed, and eventually I met the next test. With it, I became the carp that leaped over the dragon gate and found myself changed from being a mere mortal to an infant immortal.

As such, I gained up too what many people would see as the pinnacle. But from the images that came after, I learned that I wanted more. I continued onward, and as the time passed and I gained many new experiences that moved me forward to other trials and other realms.

I found myself passed each trial I came to. And as the last images came, I found, in fact, I died during such a powerful moment, I had left a ripple in the timeline. This was all as I was about to cross into the final realm and become a 'True Heavenly Overlord.'

It had taken me nearly five hundred thousand years in this new land. Many treasures both of the heavens and the earth and others made by the hands of cultivator I had defeated.

On the day of my death, I prepared inside of a massive array which I and three other cultivators constructed over three decades. I sat in the center in the lotus position and began gathering the energies. The three and I were closer, even more than my family on earth, but they still chose to end me. Or that was their plans. Like I said I had read allot of those books before coming to this realm, so I knew somewhere deep this was going to happen.

So as the sea-green sky turned purple and my body began emitting an azure light. They chose to attack only to find they were caught inside of a secret array and their bodies being drained to fuel the main array causing the environment to grow even more violent.

A mixture of expressions filled their faces but turned to malcontent as they saw my smirk like I was saying this was always going to happen. I heard them curse I, and my seven generations as each of them faded. (This was because without their energy their ancient bodies aged and became dust blown into the sky and joined the storm building for the next test, the next and final tribulation.)

Just as I saw a crimson and gold lighting come from the heavens, I felt an icy dagger dig into me. As I turned my head, I saw her. Her eyes looking at me but not with greed or hate but love.

'Love? Who are you?'

Before I could say a word or even scream the bolt, I saw coming earlier arrived hitting we with full force destroy our bodies ending our existence in 'Azural' and I had no idea why or who she was.

However, now I'm here in this darkness, and for some reason, I'm not afraid. In fact, it feel like this is what was supposed to happen. The longer I stay in this place, I feel like I going back not to 'Azural' but where I truly came from… Earth.

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"No time like the present."