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[The Sleeper has Awakened!]

(Library of Antiquity;)

After the installation finished and I became bonded with the system. I felt my existence shift and the black inkiness I was seeing before, was replaced by a huge ancient looking structure made in the form of a fusion of Ancient Greece and Ancient China culture.

The material wasn't normal for either Earth or Azural. It was a milky white ivory type material. As I approached the structure, I saw beautiful scenes of landscapes craved into the walls. While phoenixes and dragon figures and statues decorated the building.

I found this truly beautiful. I kept inspecting everything until I reach the large golden doors. Guarding both sides of these door were four unique sculptures. These figures appeared to be carved out of precious material; Azure Dragon was made of Sapphire, a Black Tortoise made of Ebony, a White Tiger made of Snow Jade and a vermilion Bird carved from a blood Jade.

As I looked at the figures, they were beautiful almost alive, as I felt mysterious energies being released. The closer I got, the more I could feel. I knew these energies well as all different elements.

After a while I pulled my eyes from the figures and walked towards the doors pushing them open. As I entered as I entered, the smell of fresh air full of qui flooded into me as a window pop-up in my mind. The information swarmed like a barrage of data.

[Welcome to the library….user]

The information given by this window began telling me everything about the system and how it came into being through his experiences in the world of 'Azural' and the possibility to regain the things left behind or a replacement that could be used on 'Earth.' It was all quite fascinating. But what surprised me was the last bit of information. Basically, even though 'Earth' was more technology-based world it still had as much or even more mystic energies that 'Azural' has which will allow for user to cultivate.

After I digested the information I approached the book shelves, but as I did, another window appeared in my mind telling me the conditions I needed to meet to unlock the shelf. For example, the one before me appeared to require me to read seven random college textbooks completely, defend a stranger, donate something to a person in need.

This made me arch an eye brow, but I kind of understood. And in response to my accepting this I suddenly felt a ripple and saw a glowing in the distance. 'What the?' I made my way to the light and found a shelf engulfed in a pure light.

As I got near, I saw a single book sitting by itself. As I looked at the book it was almost alive. The strange item was giving off an energy. I reached out and I felt my mind being swarmed with information. In a short while, the blessings of heaven and earth stories of heroes and monster that can reverse injuries in an instance than a window popped up in my mind. [Instantaneous Regeneration ~ any mortal wounds that are not of the grade of an instant kill, the body will regenerate this include destroyed organs or even removed one. Please note, user can still die from outside forces including poison, dieses and magic.]

I fell to my knees my body soaked in cold sweat. 'Why do I have a bad feeling from the fact I got this power so soon. "My eyes started to feel heavy. ".…aaah so-oo tired.' I let out a yawn than collapsed. The darkness wrapped around me and in the next moment I heard a beeping in the distance.

As the beeping got louder my body began to hurt. Just when I thought it could not get any worse, I also felt my flesh burning. My eyes suddenly open. I found a breathing tube in my mouth and most of my body was encased in plaster casting.

This wouldn't be a problem normally but it appeared I had been in a coma for months. I could feel my body was going through a metamorphose. The strange thing was that part of my body that felt like that it wasn't there. 'Was this possible or even real?' I suddenly began to sense them as I didn't realize my spine had been damaged but it was repaired.

As more of my body was repaired, I suddenly felt ill. A large amount of pain swarmed me. I began to breath even harder and the pain literally made me cry tears of blood. As I felt this, I raised the only none casted hand I could see it looked like a husk but it was acting like it was being rewound back to its original form. I began to smell iron and then felt things being pushed from my body. I wanted to scream, but there was no air in my lungs.

As time passed an unseen force pushed the metal surgical pins, titanium screws and medical implants. From inside of my body; my flesh was torn and the object were pushed out coated in blood and gore and the things just fell onto the crimson-colored sheets as blood poured out of the wounds with these objects.

As all of this was happening, I heard alarms going off followed by nurses and doctors rushing in. They were stunned with the scene and as they try to figure out what they were seeing. At the same time, I was also racked in so much pain I soon passed out.

The next time I awoke I found myself laying in the hospital bed. I was no longer coated in a plaster cast and my body looked semi-normal. I laid there unmoving almost afraid in trigger another session of pain, but I also heard the doctors discussing my condition and what happen.

Hearing what was said made my heart stop, (at least for a beat.) I too was amazed from what I heard; as I laid there a young female doctor look my way and was surprise to see I was awake so she moved up to me and said as she began checking my vitals.

" ," she spoke in a calm professional tone. "I don't know what happen or how to explain it but you've been in a coma for a year and six months you were stricken by one of those tourist busses and sometime yesterday your body did something strange and were trying to figure out what happen."

"Is it bad?"

"No, from the test showed you seem much better than fine. So please rest and as soon as we learn anything I'll tell you what I learn as soon as I can."

All I could do was nod as I didn't want to expose anything more than I had. This, along with the fear of what already happen, came to the forefront, so I decide to wait.

After the young woman was done, she went back to the other doctor making them notice I was awake and I watch them coming towards me.