I stood among the graves of fallen soldiers, everyday mothers and fathers, grandparents, lost kids, drug addicts, and just about anything else you can imagine. I have never been afraid of the dark and why should I? I'm a vampire. I make my living in the dead of the night but that's not to say I enjoy being at a cemetery at midnight. Vampire or not, it still gives you a very eerie feeling. You always feel like you're being watched and this was no different. I knew I was and it was to be expected. The question to ask though is how many sets of eyes were on me.

I could hear an owl off in the distance and the sound of crickets close by. There was a half-moon in the sky, so the visibility wasn't all too bad. I kept my guard up as my eyes kept up a constant pace of scanning the area, looking for any and all sudden movements. I was not going to let myself get caught in an ambush. I looked down at my pricey diamond watch to check the time. They were now a couple minutes late or maybe they are hoping I would think they are.

A few more minutes passed before I heard two pairs of footsteps approaching. Rachel and Aeryn slowly came into my view and stopped about twenty feet from me. I could tell Aeryn was not harmed and a slight feeling of ease came over me. I'm glad I could stop worrying about that and now fully focus on getting her back. Rachel had a firm grasp on Aeryn's forearm. I could tell Aeryn wasn't being the easiest hostage because I could see her arm was slightly pink in color from skin on skin rubbing creating an Indian burn effect. She also has a strip of duct tape covering her mouth.

Rachel was the first to speak, "Let's make this short and sweet. I have much better things to do than to be here tonight. You can obviously see I brought the girl and held up my side of things. Did you bring the vial with you?"

"No partner tonight, Rachel?" I asked in attempt to distract even though I'm fully aware of the answer.

"I could ask the same of you Falcon," She retorted.

"It's a little past the old man's bedtime. He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer so I figured it was best to do this alone. Fewer complications when I don't have to worry about carrying an old man around. He damn near needs a walker now but he's so set in his old age that only his beloved cane will do or so that's what he thinks," I said sarcastically. "And your partner in crime Rachel?"

"Maureen has other work to do tonight; something more important than dealing with a pathetic vampire and a stupid, little girl." Rachel said with a smirk.

I jokingly replied, "Is that so? Were they having unlimited pancakes at the waffle house tonight?"

Rachel scoffed, "What does that even mean? She's not fat, so your stupid jokes don't even make any sense."

"Well," I smiled. "I know how you lesbians love to eat."

Rachel cocked her head slightly back confused, "Lesbians?"

I nodded confirming agreement, "I see how you admire her and have that little twinkle in your eye every time you lock eyes on her. You're not fooling anyone sweetheart. Come out of the closet and be set free. We don't judge here in Woodley. We have a very accepting gay community and they welcome everyone with open arms."

Rachel rolled her eyes, "Your silly words and poor attempt at distracting me will not work. You either have the vial or you don't. I don't think you're dumb enough to show up here without it, so just give it to me."

I answered, "You see Rachel, there is just one slight little problem with that, I'm afraid."

She shook her head, "No, I don't think so."

I nodded, "But there is. You see Rachel, I'm an honest man and you seem like a decent enough woman; minus the whole kidnapping Aeryn thing and all. I'm going to be upfront with you and give it to you straight. That vial that I stole a long time ago, it's not really in my possession anymore and hasn't been for quite some time."

"What do you mean?" Rachel angrily shouted, "You obviously didn't use it on yourself so where is it?"

I pointed my finger to the ground, "It's six feet deep below your feet."

"Underneath me? Where I'm standing?" she asked.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, "Could be. The vial is around this graveyard someplace. The funniest part of this whole story, I don't even really remember where I put it. And get this..." I pause for dramatic effect. "This might not even be the right graveyard. My mind always plays these silly tricks on me."

Rachel became absolutely furious, "I've had enough of this. Now give me the vial!"

I lightly chuckled, "I told you lady, I don't have it. What don't you understand about the words I'm saying? I'm speaking English for Christ sake."

"Oh, you're going to need more than Jesus Christ to protect you from the pain I'm about to inflict on your pretty face," Rachel angrily said as she glared at me. I could see the rage building in her eyes.

A wide grin found my face, "Oh Rachel, you flatter me! You think I'm pretty. That's so sweet of you to say."

Rachel's lower lip began to quiver from rage and she tightened her grip around Aeryn's wrist causing Aeryn to wince in pain. "See what happens when you play comedian and don't take the Infinite Order serious? You cause people to get hurt like this poor little girl here." Rachel tightens her grip even more causing Aeryn to almost fall to her knees from the pain.

I didn't need to see anymore. The jokes were over. The game of cat and mouse was done. My body became filled with pure rage at the sight of my little girl in pain. I transformed into the monster within. My fangs glistened in the moonlight and my hunger was insatiable. This bitch just crossed a line was going to be my next meal. I was looking forward to piercing her young, pale, flawless skin with my fangs and enjoying every single second of her delicious blood as it flowed across my palate.

"I see have finally captured your full attention," Rachel smirked.

"Your death will be my absolute pleasure and the taste of your blood will be my satisfaction."

Rachel taunted me by waving at me to approach her. "Try it."

I took a single step forward.

"There you go," She mocked me. "Keep coming."

I took another step.

"You want this little girl back don't you?" She said as she grabbed the back of Aeryn's hair and wrenched her face in my direction.

I flashed my fangs and began to sprint in Rachel's direction. I only made it about four steps before I was completely frozen in place.

Rachel began to laugh, "You vampires are all really as stupid as you seem. I actually feel kind of embarrassed for you. It's quite pathetic. Seriously, it truly is." Rachel thrusted Aeryn's head to the ground in disgust and proceeds to walk in my direction as she continued spilling her venomous words, "My god, you are dumb. You charge a time weaver and actually expected to reach me?" Rachel approached the side of me and attempted to reach into my pocket searching for the vial, "This is going to be like taking candy from a baby." The moment she touched my clothing, the image of me completely faded into oblivion. Rachel gasped in shock, "What the...What is going on?" She turned around and noticed Aeryn running off in the distance. "How can this be possible?" She screamed at Aeryn.

I suddenly appeared behind Rachel and whispered into her ear, "You're not the only one with tricks." She whipped around, her eyes burning with confusion and her mouth open as if she's seen a ghost. I smirked, "Not too bad for a stupid vampire huh?" I clutched a handful of hair on the top of her head, twisted her face to the side and sank my fangs deep into her neck. Her crimson red blood filled my mouth fulfilling my hunger not only for blood but also sweet revenge. Her body let out a soft moan with her last breath and she went completely limp. I feasted on her until I was completely satisfied; draining her of all vital life resources then dropped her lifeless, shriveled body to the ground. I wiped the remaining residue of blood from around my mouth onto my coat sleeve. I noticed off in the distance Edgar is cradling Aeryn in his arms comforting her.

Edgar began to stroke the back of Aeryn head, "It's okay sweetheart. You're safe now. Don't worry, it's all over." Aeryn had a stream of tears falling down her face. "Shhh, sweet one."

Aeryn wiped the moisture from her nose on her sleeve, "I just want to go home grandpa and be as far from this place as possible."

Edgar nodded, "I completely agree with that idea. That sounds like a plan."

Aeryn took a few moment to collect herself and dust off the dirt on her clothing. "Just one thing grandpa?"

Edgar turned to her, "What's that?"

"How did you prevent Rachel from stopping time?" Aeryn inquired.

Edgar chuckled, "We didn't. We tricked her into thinking her partner was the one who stopped time after all. All I did was create a complex mirror illusion of Falcon and everything went according to plan."

"But her partner was here, what happened to her?" Aeryn asked mystified.

"I was able to seek out her location and make her see our side of things," Edgar replied.

"How so?"

Edgar smiled, "I was in possession of something she wanted. It's amazing what strings you can pull with someone when you have what they desire."

Aeryn rubbed her eyes, "And what did she desire Grandpa?"

"I had happened to pick up a small vial ages ago that had appreciated in value over all these years. It was something she wanted and I was happy to give it to her under the condition that she disappears."

"The same vial that Rachel was talking about with Falcon?" Aeryn asked.

"Yes indeed," said Edgar. "But that will be our little secret."

Aeryn flashed her gorgeous, pearly white smile, "Okay!"

Edgar put his arm around Aeryn, clutching her around the shoulder, "Come on Sweetheart, let's get out of here and on our way."

"Wait," Aeryn exclaimed. "What about Falcon? Isn't he coming with us?"

Edgar rubbed his chin and shook his head, "Not today."

"Why not?" Aeryn pouted.

"My dear, Falcon is a vagabond. He never settles, stops, or slows down. He can't! He is driven by his next challenge; his next obstacle to overcome. Plus, he's always being hunted by those who want to exterminate his kind. He can't ever stay in one place. That's his life and just the way things are in this world."

Aeryn's shoulders sank, "But I never got to say goodbye or thank him for rescuing me from those terrible women."

A large grin crossed Edgar's face, "Something tells me you will have your opportunity someday to tell him how grateful you are to his face."

Aeryn returned the smile, "You really think so?"

"I know so!" Edgar embraced Aeryn tightly in his arms, "It's been one really long day. Let's go home."