Kit Eggman didn't feel like waking up that day. Scratch that; Kit Eggman refused to wake up that day. He didn't know what it was, but it sure made him not want to wake up. Maybe it was because of the chance of encountering Cardoso. He hated Cardoso.

Kit didn't know exactly why, but there were a lot of reasons. Cardoso hit his friend Kit Prower (do you see why this story is called Twokit now?). Cardoso ate a lot of weird things. Cardoso had a fetish Kit found disgusting. Most of all, Cardoso was not really all that good. Even though he certainly looked like it, Cardoso was not a regular man.

Kit wasn't that bad looking. He wasn't one of the hottest people to ever have walked the Earth, but he wasn't that ugly. He looked, for a lack of a better word, average. Maybe above average. But he definitely wasn't ugly.

Kit was also a Redditor. He mostly lurked on r/sonicthehedgehog, r/nosleep and the like, but he also liked to delve into fanfiction. Kit sometimes read Sonic fanfiction. He certainly tried to write fanfiction a few times, but it never worked out. Maybe Kit wasn't cut out to be a writer. Mostly, Kit failed to write fanfiction because he either ran out of ideas or couldn't find the right words to write the ideas he did have. He reviewed fanfiction under the simple name of KitFive.

Today, Kit had to go to a court meeting. Jury duty. He wished he was seeing Cardoso as a defendant. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. Cardoso hadn't done anything illegal yet, at least, not illegal in the eyes of the law. The national law. In Kit's law however, Cardoso had done illegal stuff. But Kit's law didn't matter at the end of the day. Only the national law mattered.

Kit got out of the bed and wandered around the room for a few minutes before putting on some stuff. He didn't particularly care whether he looked nice or not on this day, and he put on whatever he could find. This meant Kit was wearing a stripy orange-grey shirt, some tracksuit trousers and a cap from when he visited Switzerland a few years ago.

He got a message. Kit Prower. Prower was the only guy keeping Eggman out of work. Prower went to work in exchange for Eggman at least doing a modicum of chores.

"Chris, you awake?" the message read. Kit texted back.

"For the last time, my name is not Chris. Nor is it Christopher. Or Christian. Or Ian. Or however many stupidly arbitrary names you can think of. It's Kit. Alright? That's what it says on my passport. Always has, always will. Ever since I was young."

"That's quite long for a text, but OK. I've just arrived, I'll text back when it's break."

Kit shut off his phone. He tried to think. OK, did he have his mind cleared and ready and prepared for this court case? If it wasn't, then it could damage his decision. He did some mind-clearing exercises. Then he pulled out a few robots. Kit couldn't be bothered to actually do chores, so he used a Roomba to clean the rooms. He chucked the dishes into a dishwasher. Beds weren't really made a lot; both Kits just tucked into their beds and duvets and just went to sleep. Washing clothes was the only chore Kit actually bothered with. He first separated them into their respective piles, then threw one pile into the washer at a time, and then proceeded to hang them out to dry.

Kit checked the time. 7:00. He needed to be at court for 9:00. It was a 30 minute drive to the court. His plan was to leave at 8:10 and arrive at 8:40 (give or take 15 minutes for traffic).

So Kit had seventy minutes to waste. He opened up Reddit so he could lurk on more subreddits. Kit made contact with another person from his city on a private DM through Discord. His username on Discord was just Kit. He didn't know why he chose to go by Kit on Discord, but he did.

"Kit. I've got a friend who'd like to meet you."

"If that friend's name is Evan Cardoso, then I'm prepared to cut off all links with you."

"No, it's not that. Meet us at the Southlands."

"Yeah, OK, whatever."

Kit then scrolled around Reddit. He had recently become a mod of a popular subreddit he lurked in. Soon, it became time to leave. He packed up and turned on his car. It was a regular Toyota Corolla. A pretty old one, but it had worked for him for a long time. So he left and drove to the courthouse.

"This case concerns the murder of Alan Sevasay. Now, here's some pieces of evidence that suggests the defendant is behind this murder. DNA tests, forensics." The jury left to deliberate whether the defendant was indeed behind Sevasay's demise.

"Silver! I didn't realize you were serving on the jury as well."

"I brought my friend. We all happened to be on jury duty somehow. This is Whisper." Silver began.

"Focus, Silver. We need to deliberate over whether McLaughlin did murder Sevasay or not. We can introduce each other later."

One of the jury members blurted out a crazy theory that accused another member of the crowd of being the real murderer, which would absolve the aforementioned McLaughlin of guilt.

"Clark, did you drink too much saltwater? Of course Ellis didn't murder Sevasay!" Kit retorted in a condescending tone.

"Whoever you are, I don't like the tone you're speaking to me with."

"The name's Kit. You're welcome. And Ellis didn't murder Sevasay. Consider the evidence, Clark."

A large amount of time was spent arguing over whether the evidence was hard enough to admit McLaughlin guilty. They were let go at 4pm.

Kit drove back home, and Silver had for some weird reason decided to follow him back. Both arrived. Kit had then hurried to put back the technology before Prower came back home. He told Silver and Whisper to either hide somewhere or leave before Prower came back at 5pm.

"Hey, Eggsters!" Prower called out. "Was everything fine?"

"Jury duty, Prower. I can't discuss. Private information."