The vast empty plain stood ahead, green as far as the eye can see. The area was almost entirely uninhabited, the sole exception being whatever animals happened to be lurking about at the time.

It was an unfortunate time.

TURN 1 – 4000B.C

Two signs slammed into the ground. The one on the left was painted white with a red cross, and the one on the right had the words "English Territory: Property of the Chief" carved in it.

"Perfect.", said a man, not too close behind them. Decked out in chainmail, he stood out like a sore thumb, a metallic one at that, among all the commoners. Despite his face being entirely obscured by his helmet, he was perfectly able to see the two planted just in front of him.

"Now, thy scout, how exactly are the yields?"

"Yields are plentiful, sire. We have at least 3 base production off in the north, a river just down south giving us an extra food yield of 4, and east and west tiles are all up for whatever buildings you see fit."

"And the corners?"

"Lesser, but similar, yields."

"Excellent. Deploy the settler!"

The settler raised his staff in the air, summoning a sudden whirlwind. The sky darkened as the clouds circled around above him, getting faster and faster. A thunderbolt shot down from the hole in the sky, striking directly on the staff. In an instant, the settler vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a fully-fledged city in their place.

The knight blinked. "...Hold on a second."

He grabbed the metal face-shield on his helmet and flipped it up, revealing the bearded knight and his respective baffled looks.

"Two things: One, HOW? Second of all, why is it so hot in here?"

"I can't explain the first one, sire, but the second is probably because we're in mid-summer right now. In direct sunlight. At 3 in the afternoon."

"...Merde. Whatever, just start setting up the warriors.", he ordered, flipping the shield back down, "And get back to work!"

TURN 5 – 3840B.C

"You discovered it first, Éron. You go first."

"No, you go first!"

"No, I say you go first."

"Stop it! Look, if none of you two are going to do it, then I will."

The warrior lifted up his club, letting out a light grunt.

"Let me show you how a real warrior does it."

Knuckles: cracked.

Club: in hands.

Village: approaching.

There was no telling what was in that village. It could be a sack of gold as it could be a bunch of angry whoevers waiting to get their skulls bashed. Only one step into the village proved it.

Not at first, at least.

The instant he walked into the village, the entire thing collapsed into a pile of old sticks and thatch, leaving nothing behind with the exception of a single neatly-stacked pile of gold coins.

The warrior looked back at the other two, still arguing with each other.


He reached out into the gold pile, only for it to instantly disappear just like the village itself.


"That's where greed gets you, you tree-carrying muscle!"

"I only did it because you wouldn't! Now, if you don't mind, WE're going to get back to exploring."

"Why? It's not like we're going to find anyone else anyways."

A fist slammed onto the table as laughter continued to fill the room.

"Oh, that's a good one!"

"I know! Seriously, though, the next thing I knew, BAM! An entire pile of gold just right in front of my face! I know banks won't exist until the Medieval/Renaissance, but trust me when I say we need something to stick all this stuff into-"



"-before- OW!"

He soon found himself slammed face-first carpet? Getting himself up, he found himself in an entirely different place - possibly an entirely different region of the world. Gold pillars were on both sides of the hallways, some odd script engraved on them.

"Who are you?", asked a voice, from the end of the hallway. While he didn't sound old per-say, it was obvious that he sounded...well, given the time period, ancient.

"Uh...William? William the Conqueror? Of the English?"

"The English? Never heard of them. I am Qin Shi Haung, great emperor of the just-as-great Qin kingdom and her dynasty. This is our first time meeting, I suppose."

"I guess it is, then."

"Care to stay for a while? Maybe discuss some of the things about your kingdom?"

"I could, but I can't. Gotta make sure the military doesn't get themselves mauled by the fourth panther this weekend."


"Hope to-"



As fast as he left, he returned.


"You okay, sire?"

"...I gotta get used to this."