TURN 26 - 2960B.C

"Word from the science department?"

"Word is they're trying to reach Sailing pretty early on."

"Only 26 turns in? That's pretty early to be focusing on boats."

"We're the English. We're known for having a great-arse navy. We don't get our fancy units until we get Rifling on the tech tree."

"Or Nautical Voyages on the nautical tree."

"Or Colonialism on the culture tree."

"Or Pax Britannica on our tree."

"...How many trees are there?"

"Way too many if you ask me. That second city is doing well, I suppose?"

"It is. And what about those 'Chinese' folks you encountered on Turn 5?"

"I say we're okay with them. They actually seem to get along pretty well with us."

"Now, hopefully things go well the next turn."

TURN 27 - 2920B.C

He blinked. "Well, everything seems to be going alrig-"

A horn blasted in the distance, which sounded as if they had blown it right in their ears. The entire city began to shake below their feet, like the sound itself had summoned a giant earthquake.

It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like it was enough to bring the city to its stone-and-wood knees.

The military advisor burst through the door. "BARBARIANS!" he shouted, "BARBARIANS ARE HERE!"

William quickly pushed himself up and ran to the nearest window. Off in the distance, he saw hordes of fur-clad warriors laying siege to the improvements on the countryside.

"Great. It's gonna take five turns to get another worker back there." he groaned, looking at the city streets not too close by.

...The empty city streets.

"And where are all the soldiers?!", he barked.

"You mean your one group of warriors?"

"...James, start investing in Military."

"On it!"

"And get those warriors on the battlefield, stat!"

The lights, i.e. candlesticks, lit up the room as everyone gathered around the table. William rolled out a map, several key tiles marked.

"Alright, here's the plan:

"Barbarians are three tiles south and one tile east of the city. We got a road network set up already, so moving units is no problem. We move the already-established warriors first, ending up just in front of the barbarians. Because they have as much intelligence as the fur coats they're wearing, they'll take the bait long enough for us to buy a fresh spearman, shuffle him off to the tile northwest of them, and then go in for the kill."

"And how long is all this?"

"I'm giving it three turns at best. Maybe five tops. Even if we just drive them out, that'll be good enough."

"This had better be a good 200 spent right there."

TURN 29 - 2840B.C

"Sire, troops sent us back a letter. The enemy fled, and they wish to know if it's necessary to chase them down."

"...That was fast. Spearman strength?"

"5 to the Warrior's 3."

"Send the spearman off to chase 'em. The warrior can go back."