Chapter 1:

It was an 8th grade graduation at Miller Middle School for the Sexton triplets: John, Allyson, and Elizabeth. They'll be attending Durango High School. they live with their parents, Mike, who is a 2nd grade teacher at Park Elementary School and his birthday is November 24th, and Erin, who is a RN at The Visiting Angels. Her birthday is Christmas Eve.

The triplets were born on August 2nd, 1982, and will be turning 15. They're close and would do everything together. The girls have nicknames: Ally and Liz. Their house have 3 rooms. The girls have one room and John have his own room. Their family will be going camping in their RV for the summer until mid-August. They get to bring their friends as a part of their graduation present. John's best friend is Timothy, Jr. and the girls have April. Their friends are twins. They only live with their father, Timothy, Sr. Their mom, Amy, died 10 years ago of cancer. They barely remember her. Tim, which is his nicknames by the triplets, and April would be sleeping over tonight because Mike and Erin plan to leave in the morning. They all get along just fine. The twins' dad's birthday is Valentine's Day and their birthday is November 7th.

"We can take you kids out when your friends get here. I'm not planning to cook the night before the trip," said Erin.

"Sounds good," said Ally.

"What time do you plan to leave tomorrow?" asked John.

"About 6:00 am. We can always sleep in our RV like we do every summer to let you guys and your mom sleep while I drive," said Mike.

"I recall doing it like that," said Liz.

"Me, too," said John.

"We can stop for breakfast for around 9:00 am, so you guys can get up at 8:00 am to allow you time to get ready," said Mike.

"Okay," said John.

They were packing when Tim and April Hunter arrived at around 5:00 pm. They were bringing in their suitcases. After they were all done packing, their parents were ready to go out. They went to Seasons of Durango.

After dinner, at home, they put their suitcases in the RV after Mike attached their van so they can take it into town. They decided to do Florida this year. It has a few resorts there. The RV have 3 rooms. The girls will have one room and the boys have the other room. When they don't have their friends, the triplets share one room- no problem.

They changed at around 8:00 pm and went to bed 2 hours later. The next day, Mike was on the road for 6:00 am. The others got up for 8:00 am and were ready 30 minutes before breakfast. They went to The Café in Ames, Iowa. They got back on the road for 10:00 am.

"We can make a few stops in between to stretch my legs," said Mike.

"Good idea," said Erin.

"We should be in Florida by tomorrow afternoon or early evening. I reserved a RV campground in Nashville for tonight," said Mike.

"Sounds good," said Ally.

"And, we'll be visiting Elvis Presley's Mansion in Graceland before we leave for Florida," said her father.

"Okay, sweet," said John.

Mike's parents, George and Francine of Nebraska, grew up liking Elvis Presley. When they heard he had passed back in 1977, they kept his music alive. They both just turned 72 recently. George's birthday is on March 17th and Francine's birthday was May 10. He's one of three kids. He has an older brother, Jeffrey, of California and a younger sister, Sue Martin, of Maine. He has two nieces, Emily and D.J. and a nephew, Chris.

Erin's maiden name is Raymond. Her parents are Thomas and Sarah of Chicago. Her father will be 74 on September 23rd and her mom is turning 76 on October 28th. Erin is the youngest of four siblings. She has two older brothers, Jack, of Washington and David of Iowa, and an older sister, Janet Andrews of Georgia. They have seven nieces and nephews, James, Matt, Kaylee, Amanda, Julie, Katie, and Max

The family took a break by grabbing lunch at The Glenn in Missouri at around 1:00 pm. They also went to other states for gift shops and gas before arriving in Nashville, Tennessee by 3:00 pm. Mike drove to Nashville Koa Resort.

"That's very cool," said April.

They settled in before going into the pool for a bit. They were out at 5:00 pm and got ready for dinner. They got their van and went to the Stillery.

"This is a big restaurant," said Ally.

"My parents told me about this place. They visit Nashville and love visiting the Elvis Presley Mansion when they come here," said her dad.

"Wow," said Ally.

"They would go to the Monell's for breakfast on the way since the mansion don't open until 9:00 am," said Mike. "They said the mansion has everything besides the tour."

"Like what?" asked Tim.

"Like restaurants and you can also shop there. The restaurants are the Glady's diner and Vernon's Smokehouse," replied Mike.

"Cool," said Ally.

"Can't wait to be there," said John.

"Same," said Liz.

At the campground, Liz started talking to a boy that happens to live in Colorado, too.

"I'm going to be a tenth grade at Durango High School," said Jake.

"I'll be in my first year there," said Liz. "My siblings, John and Ally, will be going, too. We're triplets. My best friends are attending, too."

"Oh, cool, I can show you around," said Jake.

"I think we got ordination after we spend our summer with camping," said Liz.

They spoke for a long time. Then, the family changed up to get ready for bed.

"Who was that you were talking to?" asked April.

"Jake. He attends Durango High School and will be entering his second year there," said Liz. "He remembers me from middle school when he first moved to Durango from Seattle."

"Wow," said April.

"He's turning 16 at the end of July," said Liz. "But I'm not sure if I want a boyfriend yet. I want to finish education."

"You'll know when you're ready," said April.

"I just didn't want to have sex until I get married," said Liz.

"Some people are like that, you're not alone," said April. "I plan to wait until college to date."

"I'm thinking about doing the same. My parents have been together since high school. They went to separate colleges since Mom went to nursing school while Dad was studying for a teacher. They made it work and got married after they were both done with college. They got settled in their careers before we came along," explained Liz.

They all went to bed for 11:00 pm.