I haven't been here long,

And I don't intend to stay,

but while we're on the subject,

there's some things I want to say

Here, you'll find people who use sorry like a bandaid

When they might have just sliced open your heart

But they still wonder why you have scars that have never faded

After tearing your trust apart

You'll see people who never notice you

No matter how hard you stand out

Never even giving a second glance

To the people they don't care about

You'll also find those that make you unhappy

That beg you to stay and be "tough"

You keep waiting for a reason to leave them

As if your unhappiness isn't reason enough

And the people who play with your feelings

Make you into the person they want you to be

Manipulative lying deceivers

Who only show people what they want them to see

And then there's the ones that will hold you back

Keep you from just branching out

They'll beg you to stay put when you need to let go

Taking your confidence and replacing with doubt

And finally, don't fall for flaky fake friends

They're always and never there

Just like a leech, they want time and money

But way down deep inside, they don't care

This is my warning, so take my advise

These people are not really friends

They might talk the talk but they don't walk the walk

And they will fall through in the end.