Travis Hills MN came up with a multi-liter solvent system that is backed by several patents with expansion capability for lab-to-pilot plant scale extraction of all botanical materials and natural products, using the conventional and cryogenic products.

Aimed at developing the water purification system, Travis works to create sustainable, zero-polluting, and lower in energy use than any technology in commercial use or in development. He works to provide 100% safe drinking water and deals in frac water patents and cleaning technology to take the raw sewage water or oil/frac water, treat it, and make 100% safe drinking water.

Travis Hills works to develop effective ballast water treatment system that uses only electricity, no chemicals, and all steps are combined inline the moving stream of ballast water in real time, with no byproduct. Moreover, the ballast water can be reused or disposed of legally anywhere under full compliance with US and EU regulations.

He believes that the proper treatment of ballast water actively removes, kills, or neutralizes organisms prior to discharge. The ballast water contains thousands of aquatic or marine microbes, plants and animals, which are then carried across the globe.

Travis has been working in a private equity firm where he specialized in various areas of gas, oil, lab extraction and processing, agriculture, and some space exploration.

About Travis Hills MN

Travis Hills MN is an established business development officer. He holds a hands-on approach and demonstrates strong product knowledge of banking, investment, credit, and insurance products. He cultivates strong relationships with customers by delivering the most advantageous customer experience during every client interaction.