Chapter One - The Runaway comes back…

20 minutes before the robbery of the coven chamber…

Dead is a natural path of life, but sometimes the destiny could change that hell even the calmest person you could know can became in something more terrifying if you keep pushing.

This was the case with The Vampire Queen, Vexii Vepes. After a deep investigation she is the queen of vampires, her father Alucard Lockdown the first vampire to ever exist but with an ego and pride high as hell, discriminating another all kind of monsters because he believed that the only creatures created with perfection was them, the vampires initiating a war between different kinds, especially werewolves creating a big conflict during for centuries, that until a group call themselves The Runaway; decided to put an end to that reign it was with different kinds and races with one motive shot to the world they can coexist in peace and they succeed to bring down Alucard and his people but to a high price with almost all members of the Runaway dies, in that group was Vexii at first she wasn't agree with this, that until she falls in love with someone a human, who could guess right? In the beginning it was her prisoner, she was just as ruthless as her father arrogant, with pride above the skies but it only needs to the consequences of his attitude one of them was the death of her mother along with friends.

When she asks her father to do something he denies do it saying to her that the price of the success, it was a shame to lose her wife, but life goes on… that was the trigger to finally she relies on a horrible true, to him she was only an object, something expendable by the end of the day.

She in her room analyzing all the things occurred, and the propose of her prisoner back in the cave… "your father doesn't care about anything but himself, please let me free and join me to fight him before it's too late" she only wishes to have listen and act, she goes to personal bathroom and washed her face trying to make the tears go away and breath slowly, but only made things worse by braking the mirror in front of her, throwing everything of the sink, starting throwing things by all over the place, braking a chair, flipping the table, throwing a lamp. By a few minutes the room was a totally mess as she was in the corner sitting embracing her legs to hide her face, times pass as she show slowly her face and you can see her eyes showing anger, a desire for vengeance.

In the night she can be seen walking to the cave looking for someone, the name of the person as she was trying to remember was Kallelion, by any means she goes to his cell to give the answer that changed all the paranormal history.

-I accept, to join you on this, but know this, if it fails don't be surprised when I kill you personally-.

-I wouldn't let you down princess- and with that and a few of her most trusting warriors goes to the capital in Vesuvia gathering everything along with a companion of kallelion's allies which was a brave warrior good on the art of magic and healing abilities, expert on the art of stealth and theft, a sanguinary warrior who doesn't has a clan but his own in the seek of glory and a powerful dark elf witch, a healer too but expert in the dark arts of magic and telekinesis, to her it wasn't much but in a mission notice that the 3 were unstoppable alongside Kallelion.

To the people come with her, she trains with them since she was a little one, member who became family to her with the pass of time their names: Anatol, Zaireth and her demon servant Giles, Pandora Mara a demon vampire the first of her kind. Another was a twisted project of a mad scientists half human, half android but the crazy thing it has on his body an entity calls the unknown, capable of bring destruction and chaos with his flames and power of the underworld. Together they can be very lethal and killing without mercy to the enemies, but even then, they're in disadvantage if we consider the army together with the experience in terms of the battlefield itself and the count knowledge.

- I been thinking recently and maybe we can change this to our favor but… -.

- But? – you can say from that word thing around got very tense, you can't blame them since they as vampires have a lot of enemies for the mistakes of the past, and don't let me start with the rivalry with others like werewolves.

- An alliance – the idea it wasn't so bad, having more people sharing the same goal can tilting the balance in our favor in this crazy game right now.

-Hmm that's not a problem for me so why- she can't finish when the dark elf says directly to all people in the room making an uncomfortable silence after all hell breaks loose in a few seconds.

-With the werewolves-.

-Absolutely no, forget it Kallelion! – suddenly she isn't agreeing what a surprise, maybe you can call it ego but to me was more of a pride thing, but even if that's true the other side of the coin can be an element of surprise, because never in the underworld history this 2 teams work as one before.

-Why though, give me a good reason? – he asks as the same time folded his arms looking at the vampire group, it was weird but apparently from his point of view, they seemed to complain rather than help.

-C'mon they are the worst and in case you didn't know we are enemies?! – Anatol a good soldier always in her side since they were kids, some people used to think two are more than a servant and queen no, maybe 2 good old friends or even more but that was beside the point -That must change because the things…- a friend of Kallelion was giving his opinion when he gets interrupt once again, this kind of things were getting things worst every time but how can you blame them, as right know are desperate for this situation.

-No, there must be another way. -

-Well, we can try different kinds of then maybe Vikings, Witches, Orcs, Fallen Angels, Elves the color doesn't matter, etc.-

-Really? Princess Vexii do you really think…-

-Enough Already will you! In case you morons doesn't understand this, we are unnumbered, and running out of time! when we are here just starting this, they are already training for combat, getting plan of contingency in case for any scenario possible! C'mon guys really can't you leave your pride just for once?! You said to me that you won't make the same mistakes your ancestors, did but to me it seems like bullshit. Either way get in line for this or walk out of here, but just you know once were done with him you're next -.

… and it was where the drop poured out the glass, the patience went to the trash all for not agreeing, the times, the egos, the pride, took Kallelion from his head and not for less, there is much at stake and the lives of people next to supernatural beings are in their hands now, considering that they think of a revolution against a state, one that has been in power for a long time. He knows that Vexii has good intentions, he can see him in it even though his companions do not seem the same as they have seen in advance as they treated the other, or in if they capture them to devour their blood with such a way of surviving, every blessing has a curse, i have brought them up to be immortal but in return they must drink blood to follow that way and have strength. How ironic, some of them hated blood and now that it's their food. Pretty fucking ironic as they say.

Been outside in the balcony of the old building they use as a base now show a pretty good view to the night and full moon about this time of the month. Vexii goes to the balcony to try to talk to him for the first time in her life to admit that they were wrong and try to apologize. also, that he has to understand that it isn't easy as both one and the other have been hunting since unmemorable times and it is common to have that grudge. but that idea stayed in that, because her attention was taken by being leaning on the railing in what it seemed to be taking a smoke from something to appear is a piece of paper but with essence of a plant, tobacco I assume, but this kind of smoke had a pleasant aroma, noticing that in this there was clove on it.

- look sorry about earlier, but I tell y'all the true – without even look knowing she was with him in the roof.

-yeah, about that. You need to understand-.

-Don't you worry we'll figured out – as he finished that sentence decides to look at her giving her a smile, throwing the thing on his hand to the floor and step on it -come here enjoy the fresh weather with me and let's talk -.

-Vexii, Vexii? Vexii! – she was distracted in that smile, an honest one that tells her that she likes her company, making her feel something, something she hadn't experienced before with someone else, less with a human, but however she seemed strange as everything was being distorted only by listen her name until everything became dark for a second returning to reality at this time being back in the forest in front of Rogue.

Vexii P.O.V.

I can't believe this happens again, I mean lose myself in a memory but… more in that memory to be precise, but back again to have this kind of discussion again, maybe it's our nature; it has been so for millennia, but for now we have been hidden where "humanity" is safe, although this led to different consequences, it was written in the Testaments of Evan's son since the great war between Covens formed by different factions.

- Sorry Vexii, I didn't want to argue, I have noticed that you have been there for me, the fact that my father still makes those mistakes without thinking in the clan complicates things.- I can't help but sigh crossing my arms despite everything can't help but love this little wolf, we knew from the beginning that it would be crazy to be together, but to see how he treats me, gives me attention, in my most private moments and solitude was for me when I thought had lost everything , my friends, my coven, him and my father... Things have been hard, but I get better when I'm with him. I was going to say something just notice how something in the air sniffing, I can also smell it a... human? That cannot be, we set in motion following the aroma taking us from the cave noticing 2 things:

1. Tyrell is unconscious, 2. The door to the treasure chamber is open in what my "boyfriend" is attending to Snow I decide to enter the place noticing that it was missing.

Although it was only the most common thing as jewels and so on, this place holds other things of extreme value that a simple human doesn't unde... The book of the shadows isn't here, nor is the map of Malkav's and even the binocular of Altaír, damn it! Is it serious!...? this human apparently knew what he was looking for, but apparently the most dangerous treasures and objects were not stolen, though.

-Vexii. I already sent an alert the others will be here any minute now- he couldn't finish talking when he notices how the place was, and he can tell I am not happy with it, Tyrell saw me and bows before me without seeing me in the face. -Sorry my queen- was the only thing he could say, frankly I can't blame him for something like that, but what gets me out of the way is the fact that a disgusting human was able to put out of action when he's a strong fighter and be a fighter even though he was physically different from the rest, he still defeats the strongest vampires of my coven.

-We'll talk later in the meantime help me to find out what is missing from this place- both Tyrell as could be said my partner thoroughly inspected what I write down on a paper on the bookshelf found.

Meanwhile outside the cave was the coven of Vexii formed different, because different races been made up of vampires, lycanthropes, witches, fallen angels, elves, succubus, demons, etc... a little of all as you can tell, being commanded by nothing more than the daughter of the first vampire a pure being so to say that by pride he would not have done what her daughter is doing right now but in the end he is already dead so if she could be considered close to power, the reason why she has not taken it is unknown, but when she does the world could have a great change and not continue to have to hide in the woods.

-What do you think summon us here? - says one of the members which was a girl maybe in her 25 years, dress in black, with boots in high heels, her looks by any means remembers as an emo girl... her name Catlynn a fallen angel with the capacity of control fire in different ways, the only disadvantage is she need to use a lighter to combust the fire.

-I don't know but I sense a disturbance in the air, something perturbator and darker- as a woman in literal white skin, dress as a mage with black horns her eyes are completely seal, for her nature, you can say she is a goddess from another realm, she decided to stay here with the purpose of collect lost soul all around the world with the only intensions of give them a home, a place to rest -Enough you 2, whatever reason must be important at the end of the day or this case night so shove it a'ight-.

- oh, c'mon Aeturnus darling, aren't you curious to know why he summon us here? -. she ended up commenting, a woman believed in her mid-twenties, which denoted sensuality both in her way of speaking and appearance having a long half black with red on the ends of her hair, being Zaireth along with her loyal demon butler Giles. -Whatever let's just wait- spoke someone in a hood without shirt with some musculature, it could be said that she was of the fighting class, having a mask in the form of a skull comes out white smoke as just everyone start asking to each other what would happen, The Queen of the Coven make her presence making everybody to be quiet and hear the news about why are they doing here? -I must inform people that a human was here and steal things from the chamber of treasures, somethings where the most common as you imagine but... The book of the shadows, the map of Malkav's and even the binocular of Altaír are gone, but the most powerful items are safe by any means-.

that was a relief for them, just to imagine someone give a bad use to that items are a big risk for 1 particular reason and that is to break the peace treaty between both realities causing with it an old rivalry to return to the world causing only one thing with it, the war which is not convenient at the moment for them because if it is true that there are supernatural beings but many to a point where there could be the extinction of themselves.

-find the human and bring him to me , I want him alive he knows to much we need to know how he knew about this place, the location of the chamber and information of whoever send it here, have been millennia since we did not have an incident like that and if it turns out a threat just kill him simple as that- just as she command everyone goes in different directions of the woods looking for this humans as just a demon looking younger get closer to me she ask me if it can trade something of my possessions at the beginning was strange but decided not giving too much to beat around the bush and just do it.

-Why do you think he do that my queen? -. Hollow asks, he reasons it's weird for her why a human show here in this moment when centuries back, they just disappeared suddenly but it's weird because she doesn't feel any bad vibe or negativity from that person, she felt agony, loneliness, regret, sadness, anger and hate, so much in a young soul.

-Money, every human in every pass of time it's capable of killing just for that-.

-Well in these times a human knowing about us been real it's almost difficult to believe, maybe someone send him for, I think? -.

-Maybe at the end everybody wants to rule the world huh-. I comment having a little laugh, but I feel hollow grabbing my right arm putting a little pressure saying something that scare me because her voice change like she wasn't herself.

-There's a room where the light won't find you holding hands while the walls come tumbling down, when they do, he'll be right behind you saying "so glad we've almost made it"-. i pull my arm away from her, but i notice she was trembling like she was having a vision again; it only gets me worry more, what does she mean by that? and who is he? a friend or foe or what did he awakes, i don't know, but the things are getting annoying thanks to that man. But suddenly my body feels weird, start to be getting hard to breath, this kind of aura I didn't sense it since.

-No! Not you Again! -. All stops even my reaction feeling normal again and can hear it, the sound of bullets coming from the west side of this woods close to the waterfall along with the house of everyone in there.

-I will kill you this time and once in for all! -.

-oooh but I don't think you can baby after all, I'm still your father little Vexii- that froze me instantly looking at that voice looking him in his elegant suit along with a few of his man maybe giving me that fucking smile of superiority that he has just like 1500 years ago.

-Father? -.