Red is the color of ludicrous liars

Who use their words to start the fires

Of sadness and sorrow, a downward slope

For them, I'm afraid, there is no hope

Orange is the color of Autumn leaves

Which flutter down from dying trees

Where oaks and ferns did once grow there

Now dust coats the ground, and branches are bare

Yellow is the color of golden rings

Of lustful servants and foolish kings

For every worldly thing that shines so bright

Behind it lies treachery, and darkness of night

Green is the color of a stagnate brook

Of the pollution that humans seem to overlook

And those oily oceans just can't seem to get it through

That nature is dying, all around me and you

Blue is the color of brawny boys

Who play with their victims and treat them like toys

Of gorgeous girls that will stab you twice

Their pretty hearts as cold as ice

Purple is the color of knowledge and power

Though they will betray you in the final hour

It lives and grows and thrives on deceit

And with that, my dark rainbow is complete