The Story So Far…

The seven members of M.A. first met while on the way to a newly re-discovered Dwarven settlement.

Ander is a halfling wizard from the prestigious Sylph Heart Circle of the Kingdom of Pryria. He can outdrink the rough and rowdy members of the nomadic Tribe of the Red Storm, while using his skills in evocation and divination magic to further his love of treasure. His second love is baking as he keeps the group's magic tower forever smelling of fresh bread. Has a warlock girlfriend, and a gambling addiction that once cost him his spell book. He was pushed to leave the safety of academia by a desire to make enough money for a home for him and his girlfriend.

Carric is a half-elf ranger who is handy with both bow and sword. After spending ten years in a Marblebrookian forest alone while he mourned the loss of his brother, he finds companionship easily when he wants it, but only for the night. However, his new-to-him little sister Jazale, as well as his non-official adoption of Kerri and Elaine, is working to show him a new side of the world. He travels with a young giant weasel named Shomma, and he acted as guide for the group to the lost settlement.

Elaine, a human cleric of Vowil, left her home in Marblebrooke as a way to deal with her own sense of loss and messy home life. She reconnected with her parents and an older sister she never knew, on an island paradise. When she left, her sister entrusted her with a family heirloom. She then traveled to the Kingdom of Liratha, where she met the clergy of Vowil who gave her a sense of purpose in life. She also met Kerri and became close friends. So close, that when Kerri was exiled from their home, Elaine followed.

Iados, an akudaem with violet skin, lost his tail at a young age. As a result, he was taught the basics of how to fight like a monk from the Marblebrookian monastery where his ex-military mother worked. When he came of age, Iados took to the seas on a merchant vessel with the intent to send money home to help with his ailing father. He ended up on a pirate ship for the next five years, using the skills he learned from the monks to fight on the open ocean. Now land-locked due to his former captain's disastrous deal with a sea wench, he's flitting from one adventure to the next with his newfound crew, as well as navigating a new relationship with Lia.

Jun started life as the adopted son of a noble's servant in the Nydag Empire. As he grew, his strength and temper grew as well, eventually unlocking the verta-kochen, an ability passed from his unknown father to harness the boiling of his blood to unleash feats of battle prowess. When his commission in the army ended, he left in search of a higher paying job to better support his young daughter. He serves as a tank for the group, as well as a battle strategist while he sets out to prove his abilities to the god Zhonnic.

Kerri, the youngest of the group, is a bard of considerable skill. Drawn in by the promise of a future with a Lirathan prince she secretly dated for a year, she agreed to have a magical mark placed upon her back. Afterwards, she was exiled from her home so as to complete the task that came with the mark. In her quest for answers as to what this mark is, she's plunged headfirst into the world of adventuring. Recently, she got the answers she was looking for, and it only cost a bit of her soul.

Lia is an elf from the elven city of Stonepine. Raised as her Uncle's heir from the time she was a young girl, she was separated from the rest of her family and a rift formed. Her uncle trained her as a druid, and when she reached adulthood she joined the druidic organization: The Elder Door Sanctum. However, it came to light that within the organization, was a darker sect: The Order of the Black Rose, who worked in the name of the evil god Zhagra. That was not the life Lia wished for, so she fled. For several years she flitted from relationship to relationship evading her uncle and his wishes, till she was jailed for the murder of her boyfriend. Her uncle eventually cleared her, and gave her an assignment out of town. Lia took it, and didn't look back as she joined up instead with M.A. Recently, she discovered the extent of her uncle's control over her life.

After taking a few months to settle some personal business, the group reunited in Esterwill, and officially formed their adventuring party under the Sylph Heart Circle. They headed out to Yeabrook, and then were stranded for several weeks as bad weather moved in. Hired by Loiwin Wanit in the meantime to do a simple rat-clean up job, M.A. discovered a hidden temple underneath the cavernous attraction. After they successfully destroyed an evil vampiric tree within the temple, they were briefly under arrest (and Iados was suspected of murder.) Even after they were cleared of the charges, the magistrate of Yeabrook directed the fledging group to perform an act of community service. They trekked to an abandoned attraction that had been taken over by a demon and their young charge. In the end, they rescued a wizard, took the charge prisoner, and Jun banished the demon (to Zhonnic's delight).

The group continued on towards Silverbank as part of a caravan. Nearly there, the group is sidelined when a baby is kidnapped in the middle of the night. Jun and Carric give chase, nearly losing their lives in the process. Once in Silverbank, Kerri takes Carric and Lia to an underground bar. While there, she reunites with her Lirathan prince, and the two of them break up. She leaves the bar and runs into Jun. When the two of them return to the now-closed bar, they find that Lia has been taken into custody by the thieves guild (the owners of the bar) after she couldn't pay the tab and tried to flee. To settle the debt, the group is contracted to enter the Silverbank palace in search of several items. Maron, the Lirathan ex-prince, is ordered to act as their guide.

M.A. splits into two groups. Ander, Elaine, Carric, and Maron skirt the towers and finds two of the items. The second group consisting of Jun, Kerri, Lia, and Iados take the main structure and mysterious third floor. They quickly discover that the third floor is the home of a hag, the true owner of the palace. While Kerri is locked in a room with the hag, the other three face a tough battle against her enchanted suits of armor. After both Kerri and Lia make deals with the hag, all four leave the floor alive and join up with the rest of their group.

After a few days of rest, M.A. are given their first official task from the Sylph Heart Circle.

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