Mike and I were normal after that—except for the times when he wanted me again. My other boy friends figured it out one time that Mike accidentally picked up Gerald's phone call to me. It wouldn't have been too obvious if only Mike wasn't moaning his dumb ass off when he did.

Apart from Mike, I had no other clients. He really did want me all to himself. The experience with him, though, made me less guilty and afraid. I went on birth control just in case Mike felt he was done with blowjobs. I was starting to be, at least.

But the thing about my chain of boy friends was that they were boys. Some of them were bad boys that thought with their dicks. Some of them were good boys that thought with their dicks. In general, all boys thought with their dicks.

So I wasn't surprised when Jerry and Kenny showed up at my doorstep two weeks after the phone call thing.

I groaned. 'I knew this was going to happen.'

'Was it that obvious?' Gerald—alias Jerry—walked into the house and threw his leather jacket on the floor as if he owned the place. Not his fault, by the way. He'd known my house his entire life, since grade school when we organized a playdate.

I didn't know Kenny, but he looked as formal and plain as he acted. He didn't come inside until I asked him to and asked if there was anywhere he could hang his jacket.

'This place is too clean to be a whorehouse,' Jerry declared.

'Your place is nice, nonetheless,' Kenny said.

Jerry elbowed him in the ribs. 'Quit being a gentleman. You know why we're here.'

'I do? Oh, I do.' Kenny faced me, blushing pink. 'Uh—I was wondering if we could have the same arrangement you have with Mike.'

I bit my lip. The whole situation felt fucking hilarious.

'What Kennedy is trying to say—' Jerry stepped in front of Kenny. '—is that he thinks you can bring the sizzle he's been looking for into his sex life. You're a pretty hot girl, and he's a pretty rich guy, so if you two can reach an agreement for him and you to have a one-night stand for, say, three large, he'll be a very happy man.'

I looked over Gerald's shoulder. 'He's a virgin?'

'Quite surprisingly, no,' Jerry replied. 'He had his first time about three years ago, and the second one a year later, and now he hopes you'll agree to be the third.'

'For three large? No p,' I said.

'Actually, there is. Kenny's a bit lacking in some areas I can't speak of in public.' Jerry coughed. 'SDS.'

SDS: small dick syndrome. Common in six out of ten men. Again, no problem.

'Anything else?' I asked.

'Look at the guy,' Jerry said under his breath. 'He's a total nerd.'

'The total nerd can pay my light bill. I'll take him,' I replied in the same fashion.

'Don't say he didn't last,' Jerry said. Back to his loud voice, he said, 'What's a convenient time for you?'

'My parent's are coming back in ten, and Mom's gonna be home all day tomorrow, and Daddy's hosting a meeting here the day after. How bout I just go to his place tomorrow?' I asked.

'Tomorrow?' Kenny asked.

'You got a problem with that?' I asked.

'No. Not at all. I thought you'd—no. Not at all.'

I tapped Jerry on the shoulder. 'All this because of one bad call.'

'You're a natural whore, Genevieve,' Jerry said. 'I just wanna show you that.'

He kissed the corner of my lips and carried Kenny out of the house.

Tomorrow came before I expected, but at least I was ready. I pulled off the sweater and jeans I snuck out of the house with to show off the skimpy white jumpsuit I bought with some of the money Mike gave me.

'How did you know that white's his favourite colour?' Jerry asked.

'I don't. I just threw on the sexiest thing I could,' I said, winking at Kenny. Kenny, in response, looked like he would run out of oxygen in any second.

'So, I'll be off. Kenny, don't mess up.' Jerry tapped their shoulders and left them alone in Kenny's apartment.

'Um—' Kenny started. 'I could heat up some spaghetti if you'd like lunch first.'

'I can't, thanks. I'm strictly dickatarian,' I joked.

He laughed nervously. 'Good one.'

Loosening him up was going to be harder than I thought.

Speaking of hard…

'I need to get home before dark, so we need to be quick.' I placed a hand on his upper thigh, right next to his crotch.

'God of mercy,' Kenny muttered.

I smiled. Kenny was just like Walter. I could do everything I couldn't do with Walter with Kenny.

And that's why I teased him even worse.

'I'm kind of new to this,' I said. I clawed at the area lightly. 'But I could do lots of things to make you really not regret it. I also need to know your thoughts, what gets you going. What do you like, Kenny?'

'You,' Kenny moaned. 'I really like you.'

'Do you like me, or do you want me?' I asked. 'Lots of people like me, you know. I want someone to want me.'

'I want you,' he said finally.

'Take me.'

I suppose the nail thing was enough to get him out of his comfort zone, albeit a little, because he kissed me the second my last words left my mouth. He wasn't slow like Mike. He was fast, almost desperate, as if he thought I would disappear if he wasn't quick enough.

So it was a slight turn-off, but I said nothing. I kept up, like a good whore.

'Kenny,' I moaned. 'Uh—oh, Kenny.'

'You actually like this?' Kenny asked.

'Oh, Kenny,' I said, 'you kiss me better than any man I've ever slept with.'

Total lie, by the way. Mike's drunk kissing—which contained so much tongue and spit that I choked—was better than Kenny's any-kissing.. Hell, Kenny's ass-kissing was better than his normal kissing. But the dude had gone through enough low self esteem for one lifetime. I pittied him.

We got serious not long after. My observations went as follows: he groped too hard, moaned too much, got hard too easily and came too early. I endured it all. Clap for me, everyone.

Kenny and I were exhausted before we could get to the real thing, which was perfect because Mike was going to kill me if he found out that I let someone as unworthy as Kenny into my sacred temple.

'I'm sorry I couldn't finish,' Kenny said.

'Oh, Kenny,' I said, keeping up with the Appeal To His Ego plan. 'This time was enough. More than enough. It's too bad I'll never see you again.'

He frowned. 'You're right. I kind of wish we could.'

Please don't, I thought.

'It's almost five,' Kenny said. 'You'll be going home soon, I think.'

'Mom should be wondering where I went,' I said.

He slid off me, butt naked, and fumbled through his discarded pants for something.

'Seven thousand. Should get you a nice dress, shoes, and everything to remember me by,' he said.

I fake-moaned even louder. 'Oh, Kenny daddy.'

'Thanks, Eve,' Kenny said. 'You made me feel the way no one else has. You made me feel—on top, so to speak.'

I gave him one more kiss for the heck of it. 'I love your money. Thanks a lot for it.'

Jerry kept hooking me up with nerds and undersexed emos, all of them about my age, luckily. The pattern was the same: organize at my house, have sex at their house, and pay me more than the agreed amount.

It all went fine until Jerry did something very stupid.

He rang my doorbell at two in the afternoon of my last summer as a high school student, which was unlike him. He never came to my place during the day.

'Who died?' I asked.

He wore a broad smile. 'You will not believe the guy who wants to be your next client.'

My heart raced. It had to be some old geezer or one of my classmates, one worse than the other.

'Show me,' I ordered.

Jerry nodded over his shoulder, and I almost died.

No, serious. My blood-pressue went so fucking high that I thought my heart would burst.

From the way Walt's froze, he had the same problem.

'What a reunion!' Jerry exclaimed. 'Who knew Water could be so sweet?'

'It's really you,' Walt said almost inaudibly. 'I—I can't believe this.'

Tears stung my eyes. 'What the heck are you doing here?'

'He's turned around, obviously,' Jerry said. 'As per your request, I'll leave you alone for a while.'

He went into my house.

I was left alone with Walt. I wanted to either strangle him, hit him, kill him, hug him, kiss him, or all of them at once.

'What are you doing in the house of sin?' I asked angrily.

'I wanted to make sure. I wanted to be proven wrong. This can't be the Evie I know,' Walt said.

'The Evie you know is long gone. You changed me the second you called me a sinner,' I said with gritted teeth.

'I never said you were a sinner. Your friends are. Gerald—he's made you some kind of prostitute.'

'"Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are," they say. If you think my friends are sinners, why don't you call me one straight up?'

He reached for my hand, then thought better of it.

'You're not your friends, Genevieve. You're smart, funny, and the most beautiful woman I know. You have so much good in you. Jerry, Mike, Maximus, Fletcher…they don't have half the hope you do. You could be better. You can come back to the right path.

'I see a light in you,' Walt concluded. 'Use it.'

He turned away, and that was the last I ever saw of him.