Using knowledge gained over the past two decades and the experience of 1,500 transactions in real estate, Joseph A Girouard is passionate about shaping the modern sales executive and the future of the industry. He has founded a real estate firm with the mission to provide an elevated real estate experience, built upon a foundation of transparency and guidance.

Joseph A Girouard is passionate about the service, experience, and communities his teams serve and sees each agent as a unique piece of the puzzle that sets the team apart from others in the industry. He is one of those individuals who take the bull by the horns. His extensive experience and knowledge are reflected in his work.

About Joseph A Girouard

Joseph A Girouard is the CEO and founder of a top-rated NYC real estate firm, one of RE/MAX's top 50 teams in the US, which is projected to sell $100 million in volume this year. Joseph uses his experience and knowledge of the industry to partner with the team's agents to offer the necessary guidance they may need to inform and ultimately give clients the opportunity to call the shots.