Reverend Lee Roy Jinkins gives another one of his sermons at the Heaven Church.

"...And finally, on the 6th day, God Almighty himself created man as we speak." said Reverend Jinkins.

"And then some." silently said a bg character.

"And that, ladies and gentleman, are the 6 days of creation." said Reverend Jinkins.

"Amen" said the church-goers.

"And now, onto more interesting matters, we have a very special guest here today. He is the most beloved faith healer in all of Heaven. And he is in fact, my blood brother. Ladies and gentleman, Father Clay Moar Jinkins." said Reverend Jinkins.

Father Clay Moar Jinkins enters the church floating down from the ceiling with his wings.

He lands on the altar and introduces himself to the church-goers.

The church-goers cheer on for the presence of Father Clay Moar Jinkins.

"OWWW! HELLO, HEAVENITES!" said Clay Moar.

The church-goers still cheer on.

"It is I. The legendary faith healer, Clay Moar Jenkins. I am here to heal all of you vulnerable and helpless people who need it the most." said Clay Moar.

"Oh, Oh, Father. Father. Over here!" said a bg character.

"Yes, you with the blind glasses. Come up over here, my son." said Clay Moar.

The blind bg character goes up to the altar.

"And may I ask what is you need healing, boy?" said Clay Moar.

"Well, you see, father. Both my eyes have stopped moving altogether." said the bg character.

"I do see indeed, my child. Now kneel down for me." said Clay Moar as the bg character kneeled down.

"In the name of the father, son and holy spirit, I shall free this young man from the tyranny of utter darkness." said Clay Moar as he pushed his fingers on the bg character's face while screaming and twisted it clockwise and anti-clockwise.

"Now, heal! Heal, I say!" said Clay Moar.

The bg character was feeling dizzy, then, he saw a light, it got brighter, and brighter, and brighter until... He saw the face of Clay Moar.

"I... I can see. I CAN SEE!" said the bg character.

The church-goers cheer.

"You are healed, my brotha!" said Clay Moar.

"Oh, thank you, father. Thank you." said the bg character.

"Now. Anyone else in need of some crucial healing?" asked Clay Moar.

"I do." said a pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman went up to the altar.

"What is your problem, miss?" asked Clay Moar.

"I've been getting serious back pain from carrying this unborn baby for 9 months straight." said the pregnant woman.

"Hmm. I get what you mean, ma'am. Could you turn back please?" said Clay Moar.

The woman turned around as Clay Moar suddenly did some karate chops on her back while saying, "Lord, heal this woman from the backpain of terror. Pow!"

The woman groans and shudders so much that she gave birth in the process

"My back. It's all better. And you got my baby out. Thank you, father." said the bg woman.

"All in a day's work, ma'am. Now who's next?" said Clay Moar.

Stroodle appears and raises his hand.

"Yes, you in the ginger beard and rugged clothing. Come up here, my son." said Clay Moar.

Stroodle is seen with a large object stuck on his neck.

"My lord, that is the biggest thing to ever lodge into your neck. Hold still, brotha." said Clay Moar.

Clay Moar positions Stroodle in a straight angle and says "And now, lord if you hear me, remove this choking hazard away from this innocent spirit."

He karate chops Stroodle's neck to remove the object, which turns out to be the bones a whole chicken.

"Wow. Thanks, karate man." said Stroodle.

"That's my blood brotha." said Reverend Jinkins.

"And now you see, my children. You see the great healing powers that have been given to my own hands. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for I shall head off and heal you for another day." said Clay Moar as he disappeared into smoke.

The church-goers clap and cheer for Clay Moar Jinkins.