Lük and Bea are still covered in sacks.

The sacks are taken off by Father Clay Moar Jenkins.

"Hello there, great evil to our society and wretched traitor to our kind. Do you know what the Catholic Church does to sinful anarchists like yourselves?" said Clay Moar.

"Trade each other's underwear?" asked Bea as Lük facepalms.

"Hell no, biotch." said Clay Moar as he snaps his finger to reveal an circular room with priests, bishops and popes as spectators.

"We, the Catholic Church, are gonna teach you a holy lesson you'll never forget, sucka." said Clay Moar.

"Oh, what are ya gonna do, make us pray? Baptise us? Make us read the Holy Bible 100 times?" said Lük.

"No. I will personally whoop your unholy asses til the very end." said Clay Moar as he took off his top and started making fight poses.

Lük laughs and says "Oh, red. Can you believe this guy? He's actually gonna fight us. [laugh] That is so fucking pathe-" said Lük before being punched in the face by Clay Moar.

"I am a faith healer, alright. But now, I'm gonna put the hurt on your faithless souls." said Clay Moar as he used his karate moves on Lük and Bea.

He chops them, kicks them, and twists his fingers on them.

"Wow. It's like if the karate kid was born again." said Pope Sergius III.

Lük and Bea tried fighting back, but they were certainly no match for Clay Moar's sick moves.

"PAPOW! BAM! HEEA! SUEY!" said Clay Moar while using his moves before giving a spinning wheel kick on Lük and Bea.

Clay Moar then takes out a whip.

"And now to cleanse this world of you vile freaks once and for all." said Clay More as he used the whip to strangle Lük and Bea.

"Yeah! Finish them, brotha! Finish them!" shouted Reverend Jinkins.

As Lük and Bea are about to pass out from being strangled by Clay Moar, a mysterious voice shouts out "ENOUGH!"

Everyone looks up to find a shadowy figure.

That figure is revealed to be... Jesus Christ.

"Jesus Christ. It's Jesus Christ." said Pope John Paul I.

Jesus lands on the circular room and says "What in the name of my father are you thinking, Father Clay Moar. This is not how you punish the sinful, especially if you think these two are sinful. Have you no shame?"

"But... but... Jesus, lemme explain. This demon is a threat to Heaven, and that angel jezebel has defected to him." said Clay Moar.

"Oh, believe me, Father. Lük Demonson and Bea Mackmill are certainly not a threat to anyone anywhere. You were just jumping to conclusions and judged the book by its cover. You are just like your brother Lee Roy." said Jesus.

"I find that comment offensive, Jesus." said Reverend Jinkins.

"And assaulting them with physical abuse, that is not the way of the Catholic Church. I am very disappointed in you, Clay Moar. And I'm disappointed in all of you, letting this man hurt two innocent spirits. The Catholic Church should not be about teaching people a lesson through brute force. It should be about bringing people together and sharing great and unique stories of faith." said Jesus.

"And you sir, had no faith when it came to Heaven's sole demon resident." Jesus said to Clay Moar.

Clay Moar feels ashamed at what he did and says "Oh, Jesus. You're right. What have I done? I have sinned myself for committing this heinous crime. I have used my healing hands to hurt the innocent. Well no more. Never again will I harm anybody, even if they are a demon from down under."

"I'm glad you've seen the light, Father Clay Moar. If only your brother would do the same." said Jesus.

"Never!" said Reverend Jinkins.

Clay Moar approaches Lük and Bea and says "Oh, forgive me for attempting to take your lives. I was being a bad Christian. Please let me make it up to ya."

"How are you gonna do that, assface?" said an angry Lük.

"With THIS!" said Clay Moar as he used karate moves to actually heal the wounds he used on Lük and Bea.

The two get all better.

"Wow. I.. feel great." said Lük.

"Are you a magician?" asked Bea.

"No, my child. I am... a faith healer. And I will continue to use these hands only for healing, not hurting." said Clay Moar.

"Oh, really. You wanna know what I'll use my hands for?" said Lük before punching Clay Moar in the penis.

"You do that to me again, and I'll cut off your motherfucking healing hands!" said Lük.

"Understood... [cough] ...brotha." said Clay Moar.

"Lüktipher, was that really wise of you to do that to Father Clay Moar?" said Jesus.

"He deserved it, JC." said Lük.

"C'mon, red. Let's go home." Lük said to Bea.

"OK. I really need to get this toaster off my other hand anyway." said Bea.

"Wow, for a 'world-famous' faith healer, he isn't really that much of a man." said Pope John Paul II.

"You know, we still would've put the demon's corpse on trial." said Pope Stephen VI.

"Oh, how original." said Pope Formosus.