Trench Spike

Summary: During the Great War, the rich turned blood to gold. A vengeful veteran learned an alternative method.

The Hayford Estate found no evidence of the killer, despite a thorough police investigation the following week. Ira Hayford, family patriarch and captain of industry, was found murdered in his office. The cause of death was a knife wound through his neck, but the truly anomalous part was the apparent transmutation of his blood to molten gold.

Former Sergeant Mordecai Ashe infiltrated the estate with a silenced 1911 pistol and trench spike. He'd been the only survivor of a squad that perished because of defective helmets Hayford's firm produced, using cheaper steel to cut costs. During a battle in an old French chateau, an artillery shell revealed an ancient alchemist's lab beneath the surface.

Ashe was still not certain what transpired, but he emerged with the ability to transmute blood to gold. Seeing the parade of broken, shell-shocked men that staggered like the living dead, he knew he had to avenge those responsible. It would be a symbolic end for a deserving target. Ira Hayford was the first target, but he would not be the last. Using the skills he'd learned as a trench raider, he'd been well prepared for the mission.

The alchemist that he shared his body with expected nothing less.