Acid burned my throat, and coughing racked my body. I heaved. The floor was covered with the little remains of my last meal and whatever liquid they were trying to force down my throat.

The man yanked my head back again and shoved a bottle to my lips. A hand on my jaw forced me to open up.

The liquid burned. My lungs burned. I couldn't breathe unless I swallowed. I could feel the liquid burning a path to my stomach.

The bottle disappeared and I was released. My side hit the floor, my skin tingled coming into contact with my own vomit.


"She's had enough, prep her."

Banging against metal echoed off the room's walls. "Maize! Why can't you leave us alone?" The voice cracked.

Kayson. I forced my eyes open. Through my tears the room was a blurry blue hue. Flashing lights melded together, the room hummed. How many days have they kept us here? How much longer?

"Maize!" The voice didn't stop. He didn't stop trying to get my attention, but it was so hard to focus.

I strained, squinting, trying to focus onto his face. I could barely see him; just a blur behind the plasma cell wall.

Then the world turned upside down. I heaved at the sudden movement.

"Ew, she threw up on me." The man grumbled as he shifted my weight on his shoulder.

I pushed on his back with my left hand, propping myself up just enough to see Kayson's blurry figure staring back at me.

"Don't forget!" He yelled. His voice cracked.

I swallowed. My throat still burned. "Don't forget," I promised back. I don't know if he heard me. I'm not sure I even made I sound. I won't forget. Not like the others.

My chest tightened, then my whole body shook as another coughing fit overtook me. I tasted copper.

I blinked, and I was on my back. Steel freezing my bare back. My left cheek rested on the cold table. People in coats moved around me. No. Not people. They're not people. With every slow blink, chunks of time disappeared.

I stared down my left arm; IV's were plugged into it in a few different spots. I couldn't feel it. I couldn't feel if my leg was in the same state.

A body leaned over me, the white coat open to reveal a vomit splattered button up shirt. Specks of red stained the area around the third button from the bottom. Is that mine?

"Shhhh, you'll be okay. I have no doubt that this time, it'll work." Him. My body instantly relaxed at his wretched voice. It was the essence of calm, washing over me. A hand on my chin lifted my head up. I had no choice. I peered into his eyes. Those silver eyes. Silver. Metallic. Shiny. Flat. Greedy. Heartless.

Don't Forget. Don't Forget. Don't- Don't…