Andrew Bloom Seattle has been into mixed use real estate where he is well versed with how to establish and maintain a positive flow of communication with other agents, buyers and sellers, and mortgage officers involved in home buying and selling process.

Being into investment banking, Andrew is highly proficient in M&A, Coverage Teams, and Equity Research. Besides, he is specialized in Buy-Side-Private Equity, VC and Growth Equity, Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Endowments, Family Offices etc.

Regarding his role in portfolio management, he designs the tailor-made investment solutions for individuals who generate maximum returns and benefits within a stipulated time frame.

Andrew Bloom Seattle is highly committed to raising the start-up capital for business where he makes his best efforts to pay for the office space, licenses, product development, manufacturing or any expenses that result from staring a new business.

About Andrew Bloom Seattle

Pertaining to his professional experience, Andrew Bloom Seattle has been working for a trading software program that offers benefits to its clients. It offers 5 trade opportunities for the week, thus enabling 5 trades per week. When it comes to paying the performance fees to the clients, it will be paid to the client on every Friday that will be 50% of the net profits. This program can have over a 21-day period and proven track record regulated by CFTC and NFA.