Bruno Mars wanna be a billionaire.
The other said they wanna become famous.
Being a motivator, youtuber, inspiring other people.
Become a doctor, save people from disease.
A police, wanna keep the people safe from criminality.
Or at least they just wanna be happy.
Much money.
Get married.
Have kids.
Everyone has their desire.

But me?
I just wanna be a thing.
A non-human.
Non-living thing.
Like a cloud.
They don't have to think.
No consciousness.
No feelings.
Just moving in peace.

Like i'm getting tired of living.
But don't wanna die and leave this beautiful world.
Just want to be a part of this universe.

Or maybe i wanna be a tree.
But tree is living.
Does it have a soul?
A consciousness?
At least they don't need to think.
People just plant them.
Watering them.
They will grow old.
Maybe til the people who plant them has died.
The tree will keep alive.
In peace.
Or maybe people just chop them down.
The tree will die.

But still, it don't have to be worried.
Because they have nothing.
They just living silently.
Giving oxygen too people.

Maybe it best to be a tree.
Or does it better to be a cloud?

Shit, i wanna be an alphabet.