Atop My Own Body

Summary: Being able to reset time and see potential outcomes had its advantages, especially to the ambitious.

I grabbed the pistol from the downed security guard and drop the terrorist in one shot, as I've done at least a hundred times before. Within the chamber of screaming people is one that will be my future spouse, who will receive an inheritance that will bootstrap my political career. I've lived this sequence of events too many times before, but there is a reason beyond power.

In a decade, the world will collapse into war, ecological collapse, and economic shortage. Only I have the ability to muddle through. I will try every strategy until something works. I will find which general has the best defense strategy. I will find which physicist can build a fusion reactor. I will find which economist will raise millions out of poverty. Whenever something does not work, I can reset it. Like a video game, I reset and replay until I get the best ending.

I've already used my power for my own pleasure, but now, I know there is a higher calling. The only way humanity can prevent a dark age and total social collapse is threading the needle in a delicate decade. Countless ruthless leaders in the past have climbed to power atop a pile of corpses.

I am fortunate most of those will be mine.