Heroes Legion: Year Two: "Future Shock"

By Maskedhero100

Chapter 8: A New Future


Mystic Mansion, Manhattan Island: January 12th, 2017: 1:26 PM

M-Leader awoke to find himself in a bed in the Mansion that his students had discovered during the Ryker's Crusade Incident years ago.

He shook his head in disbelief and yawned.

It felt like he had just awoken from a strange dream, or a nightmare…or both.

But he knew that his psychic mind had just been remembering again...but obviously dreaming at the same time because what he had just saw was impossible.

He remembered the STRIPE conspiracy incident very well.

He had dreamed of his being captured by the STRIPE conspiracy, the trip to the HUNTER occupied future, and then the trip back to the last day of the siege of Manhattan Island where he and the Heroes Legion saved Commander Arcane from his death.

That was quite a deviation of how events that had unfolded in real life, even for a dream.

The whole thing must have been a dream because none of what he saw had happened.

He had been captured by STRIPE, and he had been tortured, but Manhattan was never destroyed.

There was never any STRIPE occupation, and there was no 'Terminator' style hopeless war against killer Cyborgs.

The Ryker's Crusade incident didn't end with the deaths of millions and Stephanie Walker.

Commander Arcane had managed to survive the nuclear blast and swim back to shore, and while working behind the scenes, he used his knowledge on SLEET's inner workings and his experience as a spy soldier to gather information on the STRIPE conspiracy…as well as lock down the weapons systems of the picket line of Air-Carriers around Manhattan Island to keep the rogue elements from destroying the island and everyone in it to cover their tracks and frame the Heroes Legion for mass murder.

After finding and contacting the Heroes Legion after they had moped up the Bio-Hounds and the remaining Paladins, he informed them that Marcus was being held in a SLEET facility on Crystal Peak Mountain in Alaska.

While they launched a rescue mission, Commander Arcane, alongside the mutated Lt. Hardcastle launched a successful attempt to retake the HMS Damocles.

It was easy since STRIPE only partially controlled the ship through their agents mixed in among the loyal members of the crew that still respected his command over the traitorous agent that had ousted Lt. Hardcastle from command.

He then issued a SLEET wide broadcast revealing the conspiracy in their midst and issued warrants for the arrest of Senator Garth Ennis, Col Edward Fisk, and Commander Malcom Talbot of STRIPE.

Col. Edward Fisk had perished in an avalanche he had caused while pursuing the escaping Heroes Legion, he was glad that Commander Arcane had suggested that Shadow Knight have his super vehicle on hand just in case things got hairy.

If Arcane wasn't irradiated with M-Radiation, then Marcus would suspect that he was a pre-cognitive metahuman with how he had predicted and planned for every contingency regarding dealing with this conspiracy and his rescue as well as the resulting rescue.

It was almost as if he had knowledge of the future with how he had coordinated everything with the Heroes Legion.

Whatever the case, Marcus was just happy that Commander Arcane had survived STRIPE's machinations.

His surviving the Nuclear Blast was the bullet that struck the STRIPE coup in the heart.

As it turned out, taking over, and using SLEET's resources for their plan was their ultimate Achilles heel since Commander Arcane being the commander of SLEET's resources was privy to the security camera's that were always online recording everything that went on in every ship and meeting room in any of his bases and feeding the information to his secret encrypted database server.

All which STRIPE had used with hearty abandon since they had presumed that he had perished in the nuclear blast which made them free to perform their coup.

This made it easy for Commander Arcane to gather the video and audio evidence to bring them down.

It was such a treat to watch the news report with the president of the United State's commending the actions of the Heroes Legion while condemning the actions of STRIPE, and while unfortunately Commander Malcom Talbot had escaped capture and gone underground, every man, woman and child wanted his head for his hand in the atrocity that was the Siege of Manhattan. He may have been forced underground, but even the lowest worm had to surface for air sometime. They would have his head eventually.

It was even better when he saw the video of Senator Ennis, foaming at the mouth about how he and STRIPE had been protecting mankind from the threat of Metahumans and that the president and SLEET were selling out their own kind to the "Freaks" while two SLEET soldiers took him away to the Hauge where he along with the rest of STRIPE would be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity.

Then ultimately taken away to SLEET's most secure and remote prison, with no chance for parole or early release.

The whole country as well as the world, while still somewhat warry and distrustful of metahumans in general, had done a complete 180 on their opinions on the Heroes Legion who they now revered as Heroes...as they should.

Instead, it was STRIPE and those who supported them who were and had become the hated and the hunted instead of the Heroes Legion.

Those bastards were going to regret what they had done…to all those innocent people by helping cause the Siege of Manhattan.

It served them right.

After the hurricane had died down, a collaborative effort by SLEET and the Heroes Legion to aid those trapped in the Burrough during the hurricane and relief efforts to repair the bridges and the battle-scarred sections of the island borough was enacted.

It had taken weeks, but half of Manhattan had been restored.

Stephanie Walker had received the highest honors for her investigative reporting from within the borough during the quarantine, revealing the truth of what had gone on inside the city and now she had a few accolades and Pulitzers under her belt.

She also now in the present time had something else under her belt, a noticeable bulge going on for sixth months now, as well as a wedding ring on her right ring finger.

M-Leader leaned over and kissed her cheek as she slept.

Stephanie Walker smiled subconsciously.

M-Leader got out of bed and moment looked out through the window at the skyline of the city that was now called Neo-Manhattan Island.

It had been a very long while since 'The Cataclysm', a lot had changed afterward, and the Heroes Legion had long since gone their separate ways… but thinking back to all that had happened in New York since before then and now, the skyline of Neo-Manhattan Island never looked so good.

Hell, after 'The Cataclysm', everything never looked so good.

But that was a memory for a different time.

Then again, considering the reality shattering effects of 'The Cataclysm' could he really be sure he was dreaming, and not remembering events that had once happened but now never had?

Quantum echoes in the fabric of space-time that his psychic mind was picking up just before they faded into nothing as all reality balanced out and ironed out the wrinkles of the new status quo of this new existence?

No, it was too late in the evening to worry or wonder about any of that.

Feeling the tiredness of the night call him back to sleep again, he returned to bed.

As he lay beside his wife, his thoughts began to wander again back to the days of the Heroes Legion...particularly to before the fall of STRIPE in October of 2014.

Another impossible event began to play before his minds eye as he slept beside his wife.

Where the Heroes Legion and their allies the Titans found themselves participating in an alien tournament against their greatest foes on a place called "Battle Island" for the ultimate prize.

The End.