You'd think being a baby would be boring... and YOU'D be RIGHT!

I was stuck in my crib half the time, or stuck being held by my 'mother' or another grown up. I guess I really couldn't complain. Now knowing that I was escaping a fate I was original destined for.


I would do anything never to go there again. ANYTHING.

And if being reincarnated as a baby to the woman I... um, I hate saying the word. I... touched, (raped...) - If I had to do that to avoid fiery damnation for the rest of time, I would do it. And I would behave, and I would be good.

Oh how desperately I wanted to be good now.

The very thought of those fires scorching my dark skin... my original body dead now... dead and missing.

Yeah... I knew who had taken it... I was just afraid to say her name. The only question I had in my head though was, why? WHY?

I was reborn now, in the body of an infant that was of my kin... my seed... my son. Had I killed him by taking his place?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: His soul had found a new vessel to be born in... JESSICA, once more... and this baby... well, he is now of Tyler's blood and DNA. See! It all worked out for the best.

I just had one thing that had really made me sombre... growing up all over again... eighteen years to go, and then, maybe some more.

I didn't know if I was still immortal... I kinda doubted it. At least, I definitely wasn't an immortal child. I felt myself growing and changing with every minute and second, that went past.

Y'know how most children don't gain awareness and consciousness till they're like 3 or 4? Well, I was completely conscious as a baby... but the actual limitations of my tiny body had made me completely... useless.

It was now three months since my rebirth, and I was looking at Jessica as she breastfed me. Well, I didn't mean to give her the glare... I just, it was... IT WAS JUST AWKWARD! OK?

Her milk did taste good though – not gonna lie.

I was wrapped close to her and she only giggled a little bit – was I making her ticklish?

"Oh no, not you.." She said to me with a soft smile and a warm wink, "Your brother is just moving about a little in my womb,"

Do I need to know that? I asked her plainly and she only giggled again. Once I was done being breastfed she lifted me up high to the sky and swung us around in a playful gesture.

"Aren't you a cutie!" She said to me then, nuzzling her nose against mine, and I would've gagged if I could've. I was not used to physical affection at all, least of all from her.

She was my mum now... but she would never be my mother.

My big baby eyes dimmed a little as I saw flashes of imagery of my original mother millions and millions of years ago. And how I had damned her... how I had damned them all. I made them believe I was their messiah – the people back on Earth. In a way, I had saved the planet from going down a bad route. But in another way, I had started basically my own cult.

The worshippers of Luke.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Jessica asked me with her bubbly maternal voice. I glanced my eyes back at hers and only thought back – I hadn't yet the strength to talk with my mouth.

Just... my origin planet... Earth.

"We can go visit there sometime," Jessica responded back warmly, "Maybe when you're a few years older."

I squinted away at that idea... what would it be like if I returned to Earth, and not a single person knew me – or even recognize me in this new infant body.

I shook my head rigidly and only felt tears well in my eyes. I couldn't help it, this body was so emotional all the time. It was like my mood went up and down so sporadically, I literally couldn't stop the tears the moment they came.

Jessica made a small O shape with her lips and bounced me gently on her hips. The movement seemed to please my new body... and after a while, I was laughing without permission from my conscience.

What the heck is WRONG with me?!

"You're just growing up... being a 'baby.'" Jessica teased lightly and I frowned, my giggles dying down.

I couldn't believe that I was going to be stuck with all these childish feelings and body reactions for the next two decades. I really couldn't.

I began to yawn just then, and Jessica held me close to her chest. My eyes began to slowly close and after a while, she placed me in my cot, where I helplessly fell asleep.

The dreams of a baby... honestly, they were basically absent.

All I could see when I entered the sleepy sand world was colours and shapes. Shapes my brain was trying to make sense of. I sighed heavily, wandering around on all fours as I crawled around the blackness and saw something that surprised me -

A yellow bright small star away in the distance. I don't know why, but I was drawn to that star... I began to crawl towards it.

The closer I got, the more it seemed to change form and was becoming like a tunnel that needed to be entered through to see the whole light and what it was holding.

As I reached my chubby tiny hand towards it I felt my whole world shake suddenly, and I blew open my eyes as I felt someone lift me up out of my cot and back to the real world.

I began to cry instinctively, wailing like I was being murdered, but really it was because I was upset I had been awoken from my dream.

I glared ahead then, my eyes slowly opening, but they squinted a bit from the light of the outside world. When my vision stopped being blurry and centred on someone, the first face I saw was of a beautiful girl... her hazel eyes near golden and her hair thick, curly and bouncy.

But the second I stared into her eyes... my little infant heart skipped a bit.

"Aww!" She said, bringing me close and making me uncomfortable as she cradled me against her, "Isn't HE CUTE!"

"Indeed!" Jessica cooed and I would've blushed then at being held in this girl's grip.

I knew who she was, and the reaction I always had when she was near always frightened me. My tiny heart would pound, my head get dizzy.

I couldn't understand WHY.


Her name was Sophie Lace and I despised her greatly... because... because I was infatuated by her...

And I know that seems and sounds really odd. I would agree. But my soul... it just felt such a strong attraction to her... my mind fascinated by this girl.

I hated to think the word. But I? I think I was in love with her... and that wouldn't do. Because I was a BLOODY infant! With the mind of an immortal teen.

A teen that was forced to grow up slowly again, go through all the cycles of childhood and adolescence. But for now... I was stuck in this damn baby body!

Do you have a problem with that?

I froze up when I heard God's voice and I quickly shook my head.

Nope! I peeped and closed my eyes sleepily, turning my gaze off the girl and to the darkness of my shut eyelids, But-, I whispered to him in my heart and soul, Can you take away this stupid infatuation?

It's not a curse... she's not the problem...

I sighed within heavily at his response.

And maybe one day you can tell her...

My eyes blew opened at his reply.

Tell her what?! I snapped and I saw a vision of her and I many years away... holding hands... HOLDING FREAKING HANDS!

I hated destiny... no, I just hated my own. Why would HE give me another chance at life just to be miserable again?

Is falling in love miserable? I thought in my soul just then and I sadly sighed, replying back to myself.

Yes, I opened my eyes again and saw Sophie looking at me playfully, it is when I'm a FREAKING baby!

"Your baby Luke is SO cuuuute!" She squealed at Jessica, handing me back to her.

"I know," Jessica only chimed back and held me high to the sky before laying me against her chest, "He'll be fighting all the girls away when he's grown."

"Especially ME," Sophie sang and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I knew she was only joking around with Jessica, but my inner adult mind only blew up in glee as I thought childishly to myself.

She knows!

I do...

I froze up, hearing her thought and staring at her. She only winked.

You cutie pie! She thought, and I sighed out, glancing my eyes to the ground, Sophie only ruffling my dark hair softly and saying, "How does it feel, Luke? Beginning again?"

Honestly? I thought to her and tried to smile, which I half succeeded at but also half failed, It's like a lesser hell.

"Hmm..." She hummed to herself and only laughed, "Believe me, you'll be an adult before you know it. Time will fly!"

Hmm, yes, I replied and shut my eyes, falling asleep suddenly without any control, we'll see how fast it flies...

Consciousness left me once more as I peeped, we'll see...