It wasn't until moments later that the Queen took my toddler hand and walked me through her palace. It wasn't the same as palaces on Earth and any of the temples I had made build. No, it was almost like little tunnel ways made of a type of muddy rock. Through them were big gaps of glass that allowed in light from the planet's sun. I watched the area around me in awe. It truly was such an alien world to a human.

Finally, she walked with me into a big large dark room. And in the room there I was... or at least, who I once was.

There was a lifeless body, or maybe I should just call it a robot at this stage. Half of it had been restored with electronics and metal gears. Even my old body's eyes had been restored with glass ones, wires behind them.

I tremble back at the sight of it. She had truly made it a Frankenstein.

What is wrong, little Luke? The Queen asked me confused as she let go of my hand and walked over to my robot self, Did I not do a good job restoring you?

I gulped, not knowing how to reply.


My ears picked up the slightest sound in the dark distance and I turned my gaze nervously over to see what it was. I could just make out the outline of a teenage girl and boy.

M-my parents!

I quickly stopped my thoughts in case the Queen was alerted to them. I put a mind wedge as best I could in my head and the Queen slowly turned her sight back on me, smiling with her bug sharp beak mouth.

Do you like it?

I didn't know how to respond. She only stared at me, thinking to herself and I could tell she was protecting her own mind and thoughts from me as well. I finally answered her, told her the truth.

"No... I do not."

She gasped at my reply. She held her hard chest with one of her hands as she panted quickly in shock, responding, What did I do wrong? I studied human anatomy and robotics and this was the best I could DO!

"I can't be that boy again!" I finally shouted, in true utter pain as looking at my old corpse... it was only a reminder, a remainder of who I had been. A cruel wicked young man.

She looked at me closely and shut her bulbous eyes tight. She struggled in her stance a little bit at that moment, breathing heavily in and heavily out.

But... I did this... for you? She peeped. I took a few small steps back away from her, and she suddenly shot open her eyes, looking at me and yelling, I DID THIS FOR YOU!

I wanted to teleport out of here and quickly tried to focus on where I could go. I shut my eyes, exploding away but when I did land in a new place, I realized it was just the roof of this cave room, and I tumbled through the air landing back on the hard ground from before.

"What the-?"

The rock in these walls is impenetrable. It absorbs dark matter, it doesn't allow tears away from it.

"I DON'T belong here," I said to her coldly and she only looked at me with sharp but lost eyes.

You're not the same Luke I knew...

"I've changed."

She only looked at me silently and just shook her head in pity. She then only uttered the sad thought out to me, shame...

I watched her closely and she only gave a playful little chuckle, But I can change you back.

It was at that moment she suddenly flipped a switch on the robot and it opened its glass eyes slowly, looking my way.

I panicked out a gasp and the robot took one step forward, and then another. It slowly analyzed me with its gaze and only broke open its metal and skin meshed lips. That second it began to breathe in, almost like a vacuum cleaner.

I cocked an eyebrow up puzzled until I suddenly felt something change from within me. My essence was being sucked out of me from my breath. My very soul being pulled towards its mouth and away from my infant body.

"HEEELP!" I screeched, trying to pull myself away from it, but I was becoming weaker and weaker, "MUMMY!"

I barely saw it as I closed my weak eyes once, twice, beginning to die.

I didn't see what she did until she had done it. Then I reopened my tired eyes, my breath returning to me and I stood there trembling as I looked on ahead.

My mother, Jessica, she had picked up a heavy wrench from the ground and had smashed it into the robotic me's head.

The robot made some charring sounds, as its metal bone jaw clicked a few times, losing its power to pull my soul into it.

But the second I had my energy returned to me, the Queen yelled at me mother.

I'll get YOU for that!

Jessica ran up to me, picking me up, and tried to teleport us out of here. We only hit off the roof though and collapsed quickly back to the ground.

You really think you can get away from ME?! The Queen asked maniacally.

Tyler approached our side quickly and pointed for us to head back through the caves.

The three of us sprang it, the gift of speed still being present in us. We dashed through the caves, going up and under, sides and backwards.

It didn't take us long to realize we were lost in the maze of this palace.

"What do we do?!" Tyler asked panicked. I quickly looked around for some form of escape and I soon spotted the sunlight coming in from the glass windows up high. The three of us nodded and we flew in a rush over to the glass, Tyler punching his fist through it and the glass breaking open, allowing us to escape.

Once we were outside in the sky and atmosphere of the planet we all nodded to one another about what we needed to do next.

The only thing was, the minute we had set our thoughts on where to teleport, a large whip sprang up through the air and spun around Jessica's leg, slamming her down through the sky onto the roof of the palace.

I was still in her hands as we landed back onto the metal rocky roof and the Queen began to climb out the opened glass window, clutching her many insect-like hands on the hard roof as she approached us with near craziness as she yelled in thought.


"NO!" I said in tears, that welled in my eyes and slipped down my cheeks, "BUT WHAT YOU WANT! I JUST CAN'T DO!"

She froze the second I said that and only looked at me in sorrow, deep despair.

"The path I was going down... it was evil... and I think you know, deep down too, that it was for you too."

She sighed heavily, red blood like tears leaking from her bulbous eyes.

"I saw where I was headed, where WE were headed... HELL... for eternality."

She stopped trying to reach us now, and she stood up, looking over her empire. All of them were mindless drones, her mind in all of them, controlling them. Telling them what to do. She looked at me in fear now, and only uttered the lost thought.

Why can I do...?

I only looked at her mystified as she asked once more.

How can I change?

I told Jessica to put me down and she shook her head quickly, but when she saw my stubborn face she reluctantly applied and I toddled over to the Queen, approaching her slowly and saying.

"By knowing what is good, and what is bad..."

And how will I know?

"You just feel it..."

She swallowed hard and nodded her head. She slowly looked down at her people, and stood up straight, holding my timid hand in hers once more.

But what if they hate me..?

"That's the funny thing about Free Will..." I told her gently and squeezed her hand lightly, "They'll have a choice... and you do too."

She nodded slowly to me, and at that second she released her mind control from all her subjects. The alien creatures trembled there on their feet confused, lost, and needing closure. I could feel her putting false memories into their heads and soon they began living again... as free entities all of their own.

What became of the robot me..? We took it and buried it in a tomb on her planet. Only she had truly ever loved me... for who I had been... I had been like a king to her. And a part of her still hoped I loved her back, even in my new infant body. But I had to tell her the truth.

We sat in her living room on strange but comfy couches, and I told her in sadness.

"There's another..."

That girl... Sophie, yes?

I gulped afraid, "I hope so..."

And if she rejects you when you finally come of age?

"I know... she won't..."

And how do you know?

"He told me."

She looked at me silently when I mentioned God. She began to tremble a little, her cup of tea splashing in her grip.

Did he show you?

I nodded my head slowly and she only shut her eyes in pain, breathing out a heavy sigh.

I understand...

"I don't deserve any of this," I finally told her, told someone. She looked at me again perplexed by what I said, "I was the ultimate evil... and now... now I have a family that loves me, a friend in YOU and Sophie... why is He so kind to me...? Why?"

Because he is merciful... She said, and I stared at her in shock, knowing she knew of God, maybe knew him more than I.

Come, come, she thought gently to me and took me to my parents who had been exploring the kingdom, We will meet each other again.

"Promise?" I asked her with a small smile. She tousled my hair and smiled gently replying.

One day.

I was led over to my mum and dad and Jessica held my hand in hers, as I leant softly against her side.

"Is everything okay now, Luke?" She asked me carefully and I nodded in reply. I waved goodbye to the Queen and she returned the gesture. Jessica said to her just before we left, "Thank you for not killing our son,"

The Queen only chuckled at this and said with a grin, And thank you... for saving him.

Jessica remained still at that response before laughing nervously adding, "Anytime."

"Are you ready to come back home," Tyler asked me kneeling to my height and I watched him carefully, "And to grow up...? Start again for good?"

"I've been given a second chance, Dad." I told him with a small smile and a firm nod of my head, "Most people don't get second chances... but I did. So I won't let this one go. The future is mine... and yours."

Tyler smiled back at me and stood back up, next to Jessica. She slowly picked me up in her arms and the three of us waved goodbye to the Queen. Tearing through space-time and entering back into the temple.

Once the smoke blew away we saw Sophie was playing and looking after Oisin. The moment she saw us though, she blew up in a gleeful expression and ran over to us, giving Jessica and me a hug. Oisin squished into me, and I only laughed at this. He began to laugh too.

"I was SO frightened you wouldn't come back!"

"Well, we're back now," Jessica said with a warm blink and a slight hug back. Sophie released herself from us and handed Oisin over to his father, Tyler.

She then turned her gaze on me and smiled so warm and softly, tousling my hair and asking.

"Did you miss me, little man?"

A small blush sprinkled over my cheeks and Sophie only smiled warmer.

"I'm guessing that's a yes."

"Did you..." I asked her back shyly and she looked at me dotingly, "Did you miss me?"

"Yes." She said with one small affirmation, "It's because of you, we are all here, after all."

In a sense, she was right about that. If the Queen had never given me these powers millions and millions of years ago, none of the family and friends I knew would exist right now.

Like a small flake of snow being gathered in a snowball, and then growing bigger the more in rolled – I had done this with time itself.

Everyone had played their part, but mine had been significantly bigger because of my immortality. If I had never existed, neither would anyone I loved today.

Makes a baby think...

I had been bad, but now I hoped to be good.

I just had too much to lose now. And with the right guidance and help, maybe the next time my heart stops for good... I'll see a white light.

Maybe, I could only hope.