The year everything changed.

A phone call to Mama Lioness

I was feeling worthless and unsure of myself.

I wanted something more.

And I wanted to start on an adventure.

But I was so unsure of myself.

Mama Lioness inspired me by saying.

'Thumper, you won't know unless you try.'

I promised her I would.

I never dreamt it would be the last time I'd hear her voice.

A few days later, I'm at the morgue staring at her. Mama Lioness had gone home to Our Heavenly Father.

My heart broke into a million pieces.

I felt numb, so numb I shut down mentally and emotionally.

Everything became a blur.

It took a while, but I broke out of my depression.

I went to Grammy Lioness for help.

Grammy Lioness helped me start on my adventure.

It was one hell of a ride.

But I kept my promise.

Now I'm at a crossroads.

I have a lot of options.

I smell another adventure into unknown waters.

Am I afraid?

Of course, I am, but it wouldn't be an adventure if I weren't a little scared.

It was a promise that sparked my first adventure.

But this time, the new adventure is an inspiration from my four younger siblings.

I'm going to find my new voice.

I hope I will inspire someone out there.