In the spirit of Halloween and October- here are my own spooky stories and tales that I call, ChillingStories!

Collection of one-shots, two-shots, drabbles, mini-arcs, and more within this batch of stories. This isn't connected to any one project. Much like Creepypasta being both original work and fan fiction, ChillingStories are my own Creepypasta thing that I hope to turn into an actual thing one day that people can make stories for. Like Creepypasta, Urban Legends, SCP, open projects like that.

This is meant to be a less heavy story, since not all the stories within this batch will be connected to each other or have a large plot. A lot of them will be stand alone tales that can hold their own. It's less messy and time-consuming compared to planning out a large story from stop to finish.

It's meant to just be a more chill and relax place for me where I can come back to whenever I need some ideas, or I'm burnt out from working on large projects. It's meant to be more laid back and far more scary, hence the title.

Anyway, this collection is going to be rather dark, creepy, unsettling, horror-filled, and other things of the like. Read at your own risk.

Reader beware, you're in for a scare~