It is morning in the outskirts of Heaven, as Lük is sleeping with his face on the pillow.

As he turns to the other side, he doesn't realize that Bea is right beside him.

(No, they certainly did not have sex)

"Hey, there." said Bea as Lük got spooked and jumped out of the bed.

"Whatcha gonna do today, pal?" asked Bea.

Lük moans.

Later, Lük is eating breakfast while drinking from a flask.

"So I was thinking of something we can do together today. Maybe we can go shopping down the market. I heard there's a sale on rare blossoms. Or we could go riding on a swan boat across the lake, even if it is severely polluted. Or maybe we could polish our nails, which is weird because you're a dude and dudes might not like the idea of having their nails polished." said Bea.

Lük walks away from the table.

Lük moves to the couch and reads a newspaper.

"Hmm. The paper, huh? I see you're reading lots and lots of scribbles. Like that one for instance, local man cuts off his penis, sells it to science. Ha! How funny is that? I mean, give me a rate from 1-10. How do you rate that obviously funny story?" said Bea.

Lük gets disgruntled and walks away while Bea talks.

Lük goes to the fridge to badly get some alcohol and drinks it.

"You know. I saw on the news that alcohol is the number 1 leading cause of cancers. Stomach cancer, kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, uterus cancer, penis cancer." said Bea while Lük gets enraged even further.

"WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Lük shouted to Bea before heavily panting.

"Do you wanna polish our nails now?" asked Bea.

Lük throws Bea out the window of the trailer.

"Alright. I guess I'll see ya later, then." said Bea.