Bea returns to the trailer, only to see it in fancy decor and bright colors.

The happy-poisoned Lük is seen prancing around.

"Oh, hey, my sweet busty angel. Do you like what I did with the place." said Lük.

"It's... uh... different." said Bea.

"Can you believe the the absolute filth this place was left in? So I decided to spruce it up." said Lük

"Yeah. You sure... overdid it." said a nervous Bea.

"And then some. Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee." said Lük.

A bell is heard.

"Ooh. Dinner's ready." said Lük as he prances to the oven.

Bea gets even more nervous.

The next day, Bea is in the bathroom brushing her teeth, when Lük uses a floss on her.

"Here you go, pal. Don't wanna have giant chunks on your teeth, now don't cha." said Lük.

Bea is eating breakfast, when Lük gets closer to her and says, "Don't cha just love being more energetic when eating that cereal?"

"I think I'll go watch some TV now." said Bea.

"Ooh, TV. How nice. We can watch together." said Lük

And so, the two watch TV.

Lük laughs and says "Oh, my god. You see the way that catholic priest is beating up that young boy. How hilarious!" said Lük as he laughs harder.

Later, Bea is in the shower, where the happy-poisoned Lük pops up and scrubs her back, startling Bea and landing on her head.

"Oops. You got some blood there, red. Lemme clean it off for ya." said Lük as Bea groans.

More later, Bea is looking all grumpy because she can't stand Lük's over optimism anymore.

"Oh, boy. Another great day done and dusted. Whatever shall we do tomorrow? Ooh, I know. Why don't we feed the precious pigeons, or go help the elderly cross roads, or paint God's mansion, or sing at a choir, or say hi to every single person in Heaven, or..." said Lük

Bea got even more and more pressurized from all the things coming out of Lük's mouth, then... she breaks.

"WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP?!" shouted Bea, upsetting Lük.

Bea pants heavily and angrily, then she makes a sudden realization.

"Oh, my god. What have I done? I've turned into... you. Oh, Jesus, I now know what it feels like to be you, Lük. I've been doing to you what you've been doing to me right now. Lük, I'm so, so sorry for what I did to you. I shouldn't have put some positive reinforcement into your life, because you didn't want some of that. You didn't wanna feel that at all, and I should've respected that. [sniff] Oh, God, I'm the worst friend ever. I shouldn't have changed you, Lük. I should've let you be you, grumpy, moody, angry, and realistic [sniff] I'm sorry, Lük. I'm so sorry." said Bea as she started crying.

"Bea... don't cry. Please... stop it. Stop crying. You're now [sniff] gonna make me cry." said Lük when he started shedding a tear.

Then, all of a sudden, Lük started making weird movements.

He then shook and made creepy facial expressions, and he collapsed.

Bea looked on.

"Lük? Lük?" said Bea.

"Oh, God. I think I really killed him this time." said Bea.

Bea began to cry again, until...

A sound of a smirk came from Lük.

"Uh... Lük?" said Bea

Lük slowly got up, and continued to smirk.

"Oh, no. Are you still happy, Lük?" said Bea.

"Happy? Happy? I've never been more happy in my entire life." said Lük.

"Oh, God, no. You're still happy. Why, God, why?!" said a distressed Bea.

Lük laughs and says "Oh, red. I sure as hell love it when you break down like that. That makes me laugh out loud." said Lük.

"Are.. are you... normal?" asked Bea.

"What do you mean, red? I feel fine actually." said Lük.

Bea suddenly realizes that Lük is in fact back to his old self.

"Oh, Lük. You're really back to normal." said Bea as she hugged Lük.

"Um, OK." said Lük.

"So, you thought it was funny when I broke down like that?" asked Bea.

"I guess. It was the funniest shit I've ever seen." said a Lük.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." said Bea.

"Hey. You wanna know what else is funny?" asked Bea.

"What?" asked Lük.

"When I spiked your beer with a juice that made you feel very happy." said Bea while laughing.

"Spiked my beer... to make me happier?" asked Lük.

The two start laughing.

"Yeah. The only thing is... I actually did spike your beer. Isn't that hilarious?!" said a laughing Bea.

They still laughed.

"Oh, red. You know what I gotta say about that." said a laughing Lük.

"What?" asked a laughing Bea.

Then, the laughing stopped when Lük choked Bea and angrily said "If you ever try to spike any of my beers again, I swear to God, I will fucking chop off your tits and shove them down your goddamn throat. Do you understand me, you stupid cunt?"

Lük lets go of Bea and walks away.

Then, Bea hugs Lük and says, "I've missed you, pal."

"Get off of me, man." said Lük as he pushed Bea away.

"Holy shit, look at this place. Why the hell has it turned into an old lady's house?" he also said when he saw the inside of the trailer, even though he turned it around.

"And why do we have these bullshit sweaters?" asked an angry Lük.

"And where the fuck are my cigars?!" he also said.

"[sigh] Good to have him back." said Bea.

Here's the moral of the story, folks. Never, ever spike your friend's drink, or else they'll end up fucked in the head like Lük was.