Chapter 6

Desire Burns

I was numb…

I was confused…

I shuffled my face against whatever it was I were cuddling.

I was dead…


Was I?

I pried my eyes open, blinking in adjustment. An unknown dragon lamp that was 3D glowed my bedroom in pink from on the bedside table. I rolled onto my back.

Where's Demise?

Where am I? Is this the real Earth?

I pushed off from on the bed, arms sat on my knees as I looked around.

"Demise?" I voiced, caution overwhelming me. No reply followed.

I pouted.

"Demise?" I tried calling again. Still no reply approached. I scrambled off the bed and bent down to look at the 3D dragon lamp coloured in a nice pink.

I stood up properly and blinked. What was going on?

"What time is it even?" I spoke aloud, pulling my phone out of my pocket. I decided to unlock my phone, seeing what apps I've got. Happiness rejoiced inside of me when finding all of my social medias and contacts have come back. I noticed a new name was there though…

"Sabrina?" I mused, clearly confused. I have no idea who she is.

I swiped the screen down to glimpse the time and date.

Monday the 4th of October. 2021.


I frowned.

"In the book they were two days behind. Hmph, how interesting."

Silence sunk into the room as I hovered my thumb over her name.

"Surely, she has been added to my phone contacts for a reason…" I sceptically looked around my room, no book laying in sight. "Clearly, I won't be getting any answers until I call her though."

I tapped on Sabrina's name and hit the call button.

Beep, beep…

Beep, beep…



My whole entire body froze. Oh, gosh… Talk.

"Hi." I said, forcing the word out being a mission within itself. "I'm—"

"You're Steele, right?" She asked, her voice beaming with excitement. I swallowed thickly.


"Oh, my gosh! Thank goodness you actually saved this number!"

I paused; gaze set to stare at the pink 3D dragon which I never owned before I entered the book.

"I don't remember how I got this number… Could you please refresh my memory?"

Sabrina giggled softly and hummed enthusiastically.

"Well, last night you came to a party that was public for anybody to come. Seeing how lonely you looked, me and my friends invited you over to join us. You were so shy and awkward, the perfect mix for my best friend who's a very confident male."

"Oh, I have no memory of last night." I admitted. Sabrina playfully laughed.

"That's alright. If you want we can all meet up today? This time without alcohol in our systems since that's probably what caused you to forget."

"Sounds like a great idea." Reality: I've been in a book. This has nothing to do with my memory, only confusion. "Where should we meet?"

"Sweet Treat Café is a nice little dine in place. How about we meet up there in 30 minutes?"

"Perfect. I'll see you and your friends there soon." I responded. Sabrina chirped a "bye!" and hung up the phoneline. I glanced down at my device, stunned in silence.

"Who's the guy I so called met at the party?" I lowered my arm down, plopping my phone onto the bed. "And what is this lamp? The colour is pink, so maybe it represents love?"

I scratched my head doubtfully.

"I have no clue. I guess I'll just meet up with this boy, see what he has to say, and move on from there?"

I sucked on my tongue while scanning my room, thinking about what I should wear.

"It's really the only choice I have. If I don't socialize with this random person that was placed in my phone contacts for a reason, well then I'd be going back to loneliness. I have a chance to be a new me."

I made my way over to my drawers and started picking out matching clothes. Once settled with a pair of yellow jeans and a white hoodie, boxers, and socks, I put it all on the bed. From then on I exited my room, wearily staring at the hallway. Walking until I was midway where the bathroom door is, I opened it up and entered inside, closing the door right behind me as well as switching the shower fan on.

I took in my surroundings, deep down missing this place even if it costed me a fortune to rent.

Brushing a hand over my sleeve, I smirked to myself upon seeing my glorious old shower.

Oh, how I'm going to make myself smell so good for this meeting. Strawberry body wash, and raspberry conditioner, here I come!

I decided to walk the journey to Sweet Treat Café. It was refreshing and peaceful.

Upon arrival, I checked my phone messages to see what table number Sabrina had sent me. Seeing that it was 3, I went inside the cafeteria and scanned the room for the lucky number which would declare where I go from this point on. When spotting a group of people talking casually with each other, the table number standing tall, I placed a hand into my pocket and kept my eyes downcast as I walked towards them.

"Steele!" One of the girls cheered, her eyes a bright blue. "Welcome! Come take a seat."

I smiled politely and slid into the booth beside her. Across from us was a muscular male and a girl with polished nails. I stared down at the table shyly.

"Hi…" I whispered, cheeks burning hot when hearing them all chuckle. The girl beside me placed a hand on my shoulder to gain my attention. Seeing as it worked, she began pointing at the two people across from us in introduction.

"That's Sabrina over there, and beside her is Justin. My name is Airlie." I bit down on my bottom lip and nodded my head, confidence long gone from here. Justin tapped his hand on the table to get my attention.

"What do you want to eat?" I almost fainted his voice were that charming, the glint in his hazel eyes almost beginning to make me believe that he was implying something else. I breathed out a shaky breath.

"I—Uhm… Just an apple pie, please."

Justin cocked his head to the side.

"And what would you like to drink?"

I coughed awkwardly and fanned myself subtly due to the husky tone in his voice. Once I finally calmed down, I glanced back over at him and smiled shyly.

"Just some tea, please."

"He's an easy one." Justin replied and watched as a waiter came over to see if we've decided. I zoned out throughout the duration of everybody giving their orders, Justin saying mine for me. I couldn't take my eyes off him and his muscles that bulged whenever he would place his hand on the table or along the sofas. His skin was lightly tanned, lips a smooth coat of red.

I exhaled a love structed sigh.

"So, Steele…" I snapped out of my daydream, blushing even more now as everyone smirked. "Tell me about yourself."

"Heh…" I stared down at my lap, smiling like a fool. "Well, I'm a boy who loves to read. I'm not sure if you would like to know the more personal stuff."

"I would," he assured. I placed my palm on my cheek, elbow on the table as I looked Justin up and down.

"Alright, then. Well, for starters I'm gay. And as you've probably noticed, I'm shy too." Justin nodded, eyes not leaving mine as he gave me his full attention. I licked my lips, blushing even harder as I prepared for my next set of words.

"I—I'm," I laughed nervously. "A virgin too."

Both of the girls made "ooo" sounds, clearly shipping Justin and I together. Justin raised an eyebrow, slick grin not disappearing from his lips.

"That makes you even more attractive," he purred seductively. My breath caught in my throat due to the look he was giving me. A look saying that he would pin me down to a bed and touch me all over until I would spill white delight from my glans.

I harshly bit down on my bottom lip.

"While you two sit in tension, may I ask how old you are, Steele?" Airlie spoke from beside me. I darted my gaze over to her and then back to Justin.

"I'm 20 years old."

"Perfect age you are then. We're all 20 years old too!" Sabrina cooed and crossed her arms against her chest. I couldn't help but keep on smiling. For once this all felt great, and I didn't feel so shy other than for the reasons of nervousness towards a super-hot male.

"Here comes our food." Airlie informed which encouraged us to watch our plates get placed down on the table in front of us. The waiter afterwards left to go get the rest of the dishes and beverages.

"Since we were previously on the discussion of ourselves, I might as well give you a description about me." Justin mused and gave me a hungry look. "I tend to work out a lot and am a builder. I'm also gay. I can't relate to you on some portions of the conversation, as I'm not a virgin, but that isn't saying that I wouldn't give you all the attention you want if you were with me."

I watched the rest of our food and drinks be placed down before even thinking about replying. When the waiter left, I licked my lips and looked at Justin.

"That would be nice. I do feel underrated though since you're a builder and I just work at a fast-food shop. We're so different…" I leaned back in my seat, fingers fiddling with the strings on my white hoodie.

"Steele, our differences are what will make us great."

I lifted my gaze.

"How? I have no experience in anything." I pressed both cords' ends together. "Wouldn't that make you feel ashamed of me?"

Justin shook his head.

"No, because as a team, we can get better."

I thought his words through carefully.

"If we dated, would we be in separate residences?" I questioned, eyes not leaving his. Justin took a sip of his coffee before speaking.

"Momentarily, yes. Until both of us are comfortable, we would be in separate houses. If you decide you don't want that though, well then that could be changed. Both of us could get a rental together if chosen to do so."

I lifted my mug up and drank some of my tea, steam brushing my cheeks warmly. Sighing unsurely, I placed my mug back onto the table.

Maybe the book had the purpose of getting me to socialize and understand emotions such as love. I can't dwell on what happened since I know deep down Demise is gone. All that he left I would think is that 3D pink dragon lamp. Going from there, destiny looks to be placing me in front of this very handsome man.

"I'm going to be honest with you… I'm super nervous." I whispered and tapped my fingers against the table. "However, I would be willing to give you a chance." I noticed a sparkle of joy shine in Justin's hazel eyes.

"It'll take you some time to adapt, and I'm more than happy enough to help guide you through this hopeful relationship." Justin said confidently, the warmest of smiles owning charm over his lips. "All I need is for you to believe that with a single chance, we can work this out perfectly together."

I was so focussed on Justin that I was oblivious to what both girls were doing. I could only acknowledge this moment, heat running through my body. He seemed so genuine, and most definitely perfect.

I bit down on my bottom lip, nodding submissively.

"I trust you, Justin." Seeing Justin flash me such a sweet smile, it gave me hope that I could actually manage to be better. Perhaps Justin and I can make things work between us, and I will be given what I at first didn't believe in, love.

After the moment filled with tension died out, I finally could hear the voices of Sabrina and Airlie talking with each other about events that have happened in their lives. Justin went to the task of eating, a sudden reminder telling me that I've got an apple pie to get started on.

I zoned out whilst eating, thoughts roaming around in my head, gesturing to how good I was feeling inside. I haven't ever felt like this before. For once I didn't seem alone, and could actually join in on the laughter, even making a joke myself. It was different… It was new.

What I love about this difference is how positive these people around me were making me become. I didn't see myself as slumped in depression or loneliness anymore. If anything, I was eagerly listening and joining in on the fun.

I turned my gaze over to Justin, the two of us laughing together at one of the jokes. His eyes sparkled every time he looked at me, and I could've sworn mine were too.

It looks like the real adventure all along is love, and I'm bound to take the first step on that journey.

"That was a nice meal." Justin spoke after everybody had finished. Out of the sudden he pulled his phone out, unlocked it, clicked something, and slid it over to me.

"There's my phone number. Make a contact for yourself too."

I tenderly grasped his phone and began typing mine in first, next doing his on mine. When I had gotten Airlie's number too, I put my phone back into my pocket and slouched in my chair.

"Do you have any plans for tonight, Steele?" Justin randomly asked. I didn't even have to think about it as I scoffed and said "no." Justin tapped his chin acting like he was in deep thought, meanwhile the smirk he held proved that he already knew what he was about to say.

"Would you like to come see a movie with me? We'll go at around 10pm, which will leave the movie to finish at 12am. Is that okay with you?"

I brushed my hand up and down my thigh nervously.

"It sounds perfect." I whispered, heartbeat going faster than I could keep up with. Justin chuckled and sent me a sly wink, bringing my stomach to do backflips.

I think I'm going on a date with the bad boy.

"Are we all ready to go?" Sabrina asked, her manicured nails tapping the edge of the table. I hummed a reply and slid out of the booth, allowing Airlie to get out too. Justin headed to the checkout and paid the bill on behalf of all of us. Waiting until he was finished, we all exited the café, Justin and me walking side by side, fingers brushing against one another by accident. I blushed so much harder upon experiencing such a sensation. Justin must've noticed my reaction considering that he wrapped his arm around my waist to pull me in towards him. I whimpered shyly, still figuring out how to walk at the same time as cuddling.

I had no idea where we were all going but walking with some company was divine. I found myself enjoying Justin's embrace much more than I would've thought. The top of my head was beneath his chin, bringing an estimation of me needing to be on my tippy toes to kiss him. It was a bit stereotypical, although it was rather kinky thinking of myself having to be in his submission, lips crashing together with his as his hands slide over my slim frame.

I gulped.

That was dirty…

"Now, what we love to do is go to the park." Airlie voiced and skipped ahead of us, pointing to the hedges that were now surrounding a whole entire block. "From in the garden leads to a nature trail. It's so relaxing walking through there, especially when arriving at the river."

Fresh scents filled the air, a formular that had me subconsciously inhaling and exhaling soothingly. Justin guided me into the park, softly helping me sit down on the bench as the girls sat on the one opposed from us. He brought one hand up to my head, messaging my scalp so nicely that I knew I was destined to fall asleep if I kept my eyes closed for far too long. That alone didn't stop me from leaning into his side all snuggled up as the warm sunlight washed down on us.

So, this is what love feels like.

"Do you want to relax here for a moment before we explore the nature trail?" Justin whispered gently into my ear. I hummed in reply, head tilting to angle his hand to itch the perfect spot. Justin laughed and continued giving me attention.

I couldn't even express how relaxed I was. I finally decided to open my eyes, blinking a few times due to the lighting change. When I adjusted and gazed into Justin's hazel eyes, I saw all of his emotions being displayed right in front of me for showcase. I had no control over my heartbeat I became that enthralled with his beauty. How could I deny giving a man like him a chance?

"Your cheeks are super pink." Justin mused and brushed his thumb over my cheek, alerting my senses that only made them burn so much hotter. He chuckled, charm being his greatest friend as he looked even better when he smirked. The glint in his eyes had me fanboying and making up R-rated scenarios on the spot in my mind. I couldn't remove the bulge that had now formed visibly against my jeans. Either way, a boner was proven facts that I'm attracted, so it was a good sign after all.

Justin stroked his thumb over my lips, the result being a submissive look glimmering in my eyes. The tension was so awfully thick between us, especially when I found myself slowly moving in closer once he had removed his thumb from the closure of my lips.

I stopped when I placed a hand to his chest, muscles bulging from beneath my touch. We were inches apart, breaths blowing their minty scents against each other's cheek. I lowered my head, smiling to myself.

"I think this will work." I breathlessly whispered, right hand now gripping onto his shoulder as I straddled his lap. When I climbed on top of him I wouldn't even know. Justin gave me a charming smile.

"Kiss me and find out."

I licked my lips and moved in close, the touch of both our mouths connecting throwing a heap of emotions inside of me. I stroked my hand up and down his shoulder, running my fingers all the way to his neck. Justin gripped my hips, keeping me in place as both our groins grinded together. We kept it subtle so that it only looked like I was straddling him, considering we're in public.

Shivers shot through me upon the smallest movement he made to trail up to my waist. Enjoyment was a certified emotion that I was going through right now. I turned my head to the side, deepening our kiss drastically. Justin maintained the same passion I was providing and suckled on my tongue, allowing me to gasp aloud.

I gazed into his eyes, and he gazed into mine. Our worlds were combining together, a wildfire of ravishing heat channelling through my very soul.

"Justin," I purred. "This will definitely work." Giving Justin no time to reply, I slammed my mouth onto his and began kissing him fiercely until I felt satisfied that all of the erupting feelings I was experiencing will be settled enough to behave.

Love really controls the heart. Justin, I think you'll take care of mine.