Stacey Ribotsky is a philanthropist who has not only helped several women going through various adversities caused by divorce, mental and physical abuse, arrests, issues pertaining to children, loss of financial support etc., but has also encouraged and inspired hundreds of people to do the same. She is well known for her contribution towards the welfare of the society. She strongly believes that a woman can reach her full potential only when she is safe and has a productive life.

Sharing her views on volunteerism, Stacey considers it all pleasure and encourages others to volunteer for a cause. She used to own a high-end accessory retail store and a successful party-planning business but had to give up so that she could focus on raising her children better.

Stacey Ribotsky was the co-president of the PTO at the Wheatley School for almost two years where she got the opportunity to help all students by providing them with instant financial support. She is known to play a significant role in supporting, motivating, and training the kids at the Special Olympics.

Overall, Stacey constantly works on making a long-lasting impact on society and her dedication towards helping make a positive change in the world is really commendable.

About Stacey Ribotsky

A mother to three, Stacey Ribotsky is now looking forward to volunteer for some new organizations, reports News 12. Nothing pleases her as art and sports do. Stacey is a passionate reader and an exceptional writer who is hoping to publish her first book, which is a personal memoir, very soon.