Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. started her career as an attorney where she litigated criminal indictable cases including drug offenses, theft, sexual assault, armed robberies, and possession of deadly weapons. She assigned assistant public defender to represent clients at arraignment and bail hearings.

Rachel is currently working as the Chief Municipal Public Defender at City Newark, Municipal Public Defender's Office. She works to supervise and evaluate the work of attorneys and supports staff. Besides, she liaisons with the court administration, judges, and other court personnel. Rachel resolves court scheduling issues and conflict assignments.

Formerly working as the solo practitioner, she represented corporations and non-profit organizations regarding corporate formation, employment issues and business operations.

Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. pursued Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ in 1993. She completed her Juris Doctorate from New York Law School in 1997.

About Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq.

Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. is an established attorney holding expertise in criminal and civil litigations. Throughout her career, she successful managed to make a mark in her field. Thanks to her skills and dedication, she feels immense pride in serving as an attorney since 1998 when she just started her career at Essex County Public Defender's Office. Little did she know that, she will make all her way through various firms to be the Chief Municipal Public Defender at City Newark in Municipal Public Defender's Office.