Heroes Legion: Year Two: "Clash of the Titans"

By Maskedhero100

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Island

Raven didn't know what was going on, or how long she had been out.

All she knew was something had happened during the time travel trip to save Commander Arcane and now she had awakened on a tropical beach somewhere.

"What the…?" she said in surprise, "How did I get here?"

As she brushed the white sand off of herself and her short hair, she heard a familiar voice call out her name from behind her.

"Raven?" it was Shadow Knight.

Raven Ducard turned her head around to look over her shoulder to see if she was hearing things.

She wasn't.

Behind her were indeed Shadow Knight, but also M-Leader, Atlanta, Velocity, Techne, Silicon, Robo-Warrior, Ravager, and Murdoch.

That was when she noticed just a few feet away from where her teammates sat upon the sand, was the Titans…Atlas, Roulette, Sheila, and Thunderhawk siblings.

What were they doing here, and were they still under STRIPE's control?

That was when she realized that Chameleon and Jessie were nowhere to be seen...as was the time-traveling version of The Mirage they had used to try and avoid the HUNTER controlled future they had escaped from.

Where had they gone?

Had they...had they been erased from history due to being native to that timeline?

The Titan's suddenly took notice of the Heroes Legion, and from the look on their faces of recognition and surprise instead of mind controlled hostility...they were indeed their allies again.

Raven Ducard was glad, because after finding out the truth about THANATOS she was NOT interested in fighting any of her friends who had been turned into her enemies...ever again.

"Guys? Is that you?" Atlas said in surprise upon seeing them.

"Atlas, Shelia…?" Atlanta responded in surprise, "What are you all doing here?"

"What are we doing here? What are you doing here?" Shelia asked.

"Hey we'll ask the questions Cat girl!" Velocity snapped, "How do we know your not still under STRIPE's control and aren't going to attack us?"

"What?" Atlas asked in confusion.

"Save it Speed trap" Shadow Knight said wisely, "If they were still under STRIPE's control they would have already attacked us."

"What are you talking about? What are we doing here?" Roulette asked in confusion.

"Uh, where exactly is here?" Ravager asked, and then he looked down at his wrist in surprise "And why are we all wearing these weird bracelets on our wrists?"

The Heroes Legion and Titan's upon hearing this checked their wrists and found that Ravager was right.

On each of their wrists was a strange futuristic looking bracelet device.

"I don't know..." M-Leader said, looking around at the island beach, "But I'm sure it has something to do with why Andy's got the Robo-Warrior suit back."

"That's right!" Andrew Griffin said, looking at the armor that had inexplicable returned to him when he had been forced to leave it behind at Crystal Peak, "Cyber-29, are you still here?"

"Yes, I'm still here Andrew" the cybernetic voice of Cyber-29 answered, "what happened, one minute you all tore off with that nutcase Colonel chasing you, the next I'm here with you on a tropical island."

"Hey we're just as confused as you are" Silicon said, "hell, you wouldn't believe what happened after we were forced to leave you behind."

"Crystal Peak? What is that? What happened to New York City?" Shelia asked looking around at the strange tropical Island.

"It was destroyed by STRIPE" Atlanta answered, "right after we dealt with Dr. Julius Ryker and his cult of metahuman killers"

"What?" Atlas responded, "I thought you were heading back to New York to confront Meta-Master, we we're running to Central Park to back you all up."

"Central Park?" Velocity said in confusion, "Atlas, that was month's ago."

"Month's ago?" Roulette asked, then he paused in realization, "Hey wait a minute, where is RJ?"

"We left him back at the Mansion ruins with Stephanie Walker to wait out the Battle remember?" Atlas reminded, "He must not have been taken with us."

"Wait a minute..." Shadow Knight said in realization, "This isn't the Titan's who attacked us people, these are the Titan's from the Battle of New York. We're still in the past!"

"Wait, if they are here, and we're still in the past..." Techne asked warily, "Does that mean our other-selves are here on the island as well?"

"That doesn't appear to be the case, otherwise we'd have already seen them" M-Leader said wisely.

"...or we've become them" Silicon said in realization, looking at his hands in question "Remember what Chameleon said about time travel, about Chrono-skimming? I think we somehow ended up in our other selves bodies during the Battle of New York AND were transported here to this Island. Look! The cut on my hand I received in the HUNTER attack, the one I still had a moment ago, it's gone...as if it never were there."

"Man, it Sounds like you all landed on your heads!" Shelia said in bewilderment at what the Heroes Legion were talking about.

"What the hell is going on here?" Murdoch wondered, ignoring Shelia's remarks "I know we traveled back in time, but it doesn't explain why we've been transported to Fantasy Island here."

"I think the best thing we should do before we get one another's story cleared up and figure out how we got here" M-Leader suggested, "Is to figure out where we are exactly. From the look of this island, we could be anywhere in the tropics."

"Wait a minute. Cyber-29, can you pinpoint our exact location? Figure out where we've been taken to?" Robo-Warrior asked.

"We appear to be on a volcanic tropical island somewhere, but other than that I can't tell you much. There's some kind of interference coming from the island's volcano. But the good news is that the area of interference seems to end just 20 yards out that way across the shallows."

"I'll go out and get our bearings, hold tight everyone," Robo-Warrior said, and then he activated his jet pack and rocket boots, soaring off in a straight line towards the shallows.

"While we wait for him to return, how about we go over what we remember?" Shadow Knight suggested, "It might give us an idea as to what's going on here."

No one got a chance to say anything when there was a blinding flash in the distance of the ocean.

That was when they all heard a loud sound that sounded like a gong bell.

They turned to see Robo-Warrior, heading right back towards them…bouncing back across the water like a skipping stone!

"Incoming!" Velocity declared.

They all managed to just barley duck and dodge out of the way before Robo-Warrior came crashing into the spot on the beach where they had been standing.

They quickly got up and came to their friend's aid.

"Are you all right?" Shelia asked.

"There's…some kind of barrier out there." Robo-Warrior said, rubbing his helmets as if he had hit his head, "It was like hitting a wall of invisible elastic bands. I was doing near Mach 1 and I couldn't even breakthrough."

"Wait, hold on!" Velocity said putting up a 'time out' signal with his hands "are you saying that this island we're on is encapsulated like a snow globe? What the heck is going on here? Did we end up on 'Lost' or something?"

"Someone or something brought us here, and fitted us with these wrist bracelet devices…" Shadow Knight said scratching his masks' metallic chin "but for what purpose?"

As if to answer the question, the Heroes Legion and Titans suddenly felt their wrist bracelet devices begin to buzz.

From each and every one of those devices, a holographic image formed.

The image was of a middle-aged man in the hologram, wearing full moon glasses, and a black cloak with red trim.

"Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. I am…the Grandmaster." The man in the hologram introduced himself, "because of your extraordinary abilities and technology. You, amongst thousands of other contestants, have been summoned here to 'Battle-Island' to take part in a tournament to determine who is deserves to be known as and become the most powerful being on earth…The Battle Island Contest of Power!"

"Why do I get the feeling we just got shanghaied for a cage match?" Velocity said in response to this.

"Each of you will have a chance to compete for not only for this title but to also gain the ultimate prize: ultimate power given to you by way of these...the Destiny Stones of Time and Power!" The image of the Grandmaster vanished and was replaced with the image of a glowing blue and Green crystal spheres.

"Hey…!" Silicon declared, "That's the stone that powered Chameleon's time machine!"

"Only it's not broken, and that other one...it looks like an M-Ray crystal." Murdoch added.

"These…pure crystals are nexus points of the cosmic energy's of the universe. They control one aspect of reality itself each. One containing the power of Time Travel, and the other containing within itself unlimited M-Radiation…the power source of all Meta-Humans. Just one of the small versions detonating caused the genesis of all of you. Imagine what exposure to and possession of this stone can do to one of you." The Grandmaster hologram re-appeared, "See your wrist counters?"

The Heroes Legion and the Titans looked down at the devices on their wrists.

"Those are the key to your progress. Defeat an opponent, and you earn a point. Fail, or get defeated, and you lose a point. Lose all the points, game over. Now though this is a contest of power, teams are allowed to be formed and progress to the finals. Battle wisely, for at the end of the day, all combatants' or team's collective battle points will be counted and matched to determine your placement on the bracket. If you fail to get to the safe zone, Beach Town, from your current location before sundown or get the required points to qualify for the first round of the Tournament by that time, you are out…Game Over." The Grandmaster continued to explain the rules of the Battle Island Contest of Power.

"What happens if we lose?" Raven Ducard asked worriedly.

"I don't think we want to know," Atlanta said concerned, but getting herself psyched for what might come in case, as a warrior princess of Atlantis would be expected.

The Grandmaster continued his explanation, ""Your Battle counters also function as a map, or a GPS locator if you form and register yourselves as a team by touching your Battle counters at the beginning or at any point in this tournament. New players can be added to the team the same way if you or they choose to join your team. So choose your fights wisely. For an opponent might be the key to your victory."

"So he's saying if we meet anyone who doesn't want to fight us, we just have to slap bracelets? This is insane!" Techne exclaimed.

"What if we don't want to play this game?" Ravager asked in curiosity.

"You don't have a choice." The Grandmaster said which caused them all to balk in surprise, did he hear Ravager's question?

"But if you're so squeamish about standing your ground and fighting to gain a sure lead over your opponents, or would rather sit it out while more interested parties clash for the prize, there are safe zones on this island in the three areas. Beach town, High Plaines Town, and Wind Town…they are the only place where fighting is not allowed. Fighting there is an automatic cause for disqualification. They are sanctuaries where fighters can relax, eat, and sleep till the next day's course begins. They are also your destination; you must get to them before sunset to qualify or sit out and watch the tournament proceed. But be warned, though this strategy will probably help you avoid the battles, it won't help you win the prize." The Grandmaster then paused dramatically, "the location of the sanctuary nearest your location Heroes Legion, Beach Town, is now being displayed on your battle counters. I will be waiting to see who will be there in town at the end of the day. The Battle Island Contest of Power…begins now!"

The hologram faded, and was replaced with a holographic map showing the Heroes Legion and Titans' current location on what the Grandmaster called "Battle-Island."

For a second, the Heroes Legion and Titans thought they could hear the sound of distant thunder…and briefly wondered if it was thunder hitting the mountains surrounding the volcano or the sound of battles occurring somewhere in the distance.

Something deep inside them told them it was the latter and not the former.

"Oh great!" Velocity groaned, "As if missing the super bowl and barely escaping from the last Terminator movie in real life wasn't bad enough, now here I am with all of you stuck on an Island version of the Hunger Games and that world fighter tournament from that Vincent Van Dame movie! Only instead of a golden Dragon, we're competing for a 'become as strong as Meta-Master in one blast' power crystal! Man, I knew I should have put the PVR on record before I left the Mystic Mansion to go to Crystal Peak."

"Whoever this Grandmaster character is…" Shadow Knight said with narrowed eyes, "He obviously isn't someone to be taken lightly. He summoned us here like Q from star trek, and placed on this island with no means of escape but by winning his tournament. Even worse, if we don't win it, we risk someone on this island becoming the next Meta-Master."

"Spooky has a point mon ami…" Roulette said in agreement, "The grandmaster said he took metahumans from all over the country, a country that currently has a large monopoly of supervillains in the thousands currently under Meta-Master's leadership."

"Even worse…" M-Leader said with concern on his face, "What if Meta-Master is here too?"

"What?!" the Heroes Legion and Titans declared in shock.

"What do you mean?" Shelia asked.

" You were brought here, we were brought here, It's possible that he's here as well...he might have been pulled in as well. Maybe even before his defeat at the end of the Battle of New York. If he's here and he's still Meta-Master and not the powerless M-Leader II we met in the future….regardless, we have to win this tournament!"

The Heroes Legion looked at one another.

M-Leader was right, whether if Meta-Master was here or not, they had to win this tournament to keep someone as bad as him getting a power boost that would make that person or persons as strong as him.

"I still don't know what the hell you all are talking about" Atlas said wisely, "But you are right, if he is here, we cant let him or anyone as bad as him win that prize. So once more unto the breach my friends?"

"...Once more!" Shadow Knight smiled, finishing the Shakespeare quote in agreement.

Techne put her arm forward, "Alone we are mighty…" she said with an encouraging smile to her teammates.

This caused each and every one of the Legion and Titans members to nod and smile in agreement.

They piled their hands upon Techne's.

"…together, we are a legion!" they all declared, saying their team mantra that Silicon had made up and refined over the preceding year.

Their battle counters beeped, confirming that they had been registered as a team in this tournament.

Their current battle count was zero.

"Let's get going…" M-Leader said, "Since I'm the most powerful, I'll lead the way, that way we won't be taken by surprise…I hope. Now, according to the map…Beach town is in this direction."

"Hey guys, why don't I use my power and get us there lickity split?" Velocity suggested, "that way we don't have to fight…at least until we know who we're dealing with for the next round."

"No, I think the Grandmaster would have thought of that?" Shadow Knight shook his head.

"Well, I'm going to try it!" Velocity declared and took off in a running leap…only to fall flat on his face as his powers didn't activate.

"What!?" he declared and looked at his battle-counter that was flashing the words "Powers active only during battle!" on the display screen.

"I knew I was going to hate this place." Velocity grumbled.

"Looks like we're walking all the way buddy…" Maya and John Thunderhawk said helping velocity to his feet.

"Looks like it's going to be a long walk," Atlas said looking at the map on his battle counter.

"And hot…" Shelia added, and looked aside to Robo-Warrior "Any chance you have a sunblock dispenser in that metal suit of yours?"

"I wonder how long before we run into or get attacked by metahumans trying to make their mark on us in order to eliminate the competition to win that stone in this crazy tournament?" Velocity wondered as they began their trek towards the beach town safe zone.