Bea is in the bathroom shaving her vagina after finishing up in the shower.

Lük enters and says "Uh, red. I saw your phone ringing. It says you gotta call from someone named... Funiqua."

"Funiqua? [gasp] Funiqua!" said Bea as she raced to her phone... without thinking of wrapping a towel around her body.

She answers her phone and says "Hello?"

"Dat yuh, girl?" said a mysterious voice.

"Funiqua?" said Bea.

"Damn right, child." said Funiqua.

"Oh my god! Funiqua! I haven't seen you since high school." said Bea.

"Suh how's it been wid yuh, womon?" said Funiqua.

"Well, I finally moved out of my mom's." said Bea.

"An it ongle tek yuh 20 years. That's sad womon." said Funiqua before the two girls get another phone call.

"Hey, y'all." said another mysterious voice.

"Wait. Is this... Mia?" said Bea.

"Yo white shiny ass is right, girlfriend." said Mia.

"Mia, mi fellow black sistren." said Funiqua.

"Hang on, girls. We're getting another phone call." said Bea as she answers it.

"Hello?" said Bea.

"Hello...Bea...Mia...Funiqua." said a slow voice.

"Dat yuh, Ruben? Mi si yuh still getting high, child." said Funiqua.

"Oh, hey, Ruben." said Bea.

"Hiya, pothead." said Mia.

"'s it...been?" said Ruben.

"I can't believe it. All my childhood friends, back together... by phone." said Bea.

"Yeah. I wish we could see each other in person, yo." said Mia.

"Maybe we can. Say, wah mek nuh wi guh out pan a girl's night out tonight, childs?" said Funiqua.

"Huh?" asked Bea.

"You mean a girl's night out. Hells yeah I'll go on a night out with y'all." said Mia.

"Sure...I''m game." said Ruben.

"Oh, god, yes. I really love that idea. Let's do it." said Bea as all the girls cheered.

"Hey. Why don't we all meet up at my new place." said Bea.

"KK, Bea." said Mia.

" you there." said Ruben

"Sure. Mi been waiting tuh si yuh new digs, womon." said Funiqua.

"Alright! See ya later, girls!" said Bea.

"Bye." said all of them.

"Eeee! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!" said Bea.

"Ugh. Red, who were you screeching to?" said Lük.

"Guess what, Lük. My childhood friends and I are going on a night out together!" said Bea.

"I didn't know you had other friends, or any friend in general for that matter." said Lük.

"And we're all gonna meet up here." said Bea.

"Wow, I'm so surprised." said a sarcastic Lük.

"Oh, I better get ready." said Bea as she jumped off the couch.

"Uh... Bea. Aren't you forgettin' somethin'?" said Lük as he gave Bea a towel.

"Oh, yeah." said Bea as she used the towel to blow her nose and gave it back to Lük.

She ran to her room while a disgusted Lük held on to the towel Bea used her nose on.

"[sigh] What a fucking sexy idiot." Lük said under his breath.