Lük, Bea, Funiqua and Mia are at the bar celebrating.

"Here's a toast, to the wildest night of our lives." said Lük.

"Here, here." said the girls.

"Yuh kno de-mon, mi tek yuh fi a selfish, deserting bastard, but wah yuh did was suh lit, mon." said Funiqua.

"Yeah, I guess you alright with me." said Mia.

"Ain't he such a great friend, you guys?" said Bea.

"Well..." said Funiqua and Mia.

"Hey, I just saved you from gangsters, you owe me." said Lük.

"Right before wi save yuh from a explosion. Suh technically, yuh owe wi, de-mon." saiid Funiqua.

"Oh, you wanna bet on it?" said Lük.

"Unless yuh a pussy this time." said Funiqua.

"Ah, shit. Here we go again." said Mia.

"What's the wager?" said Lük.

"Whoeva... drinks di most beers gets bragging rights fi a year, child." said Funiqua.

"Now you're talkin' my language." said Lük as he and Funiqua start jugging on beer.

"Hey, guys. Whatever happened to Ruben?" said Bea.

Meanwhile, Stroodle moves his dumpster with a paddle, while Ruben holds onto him.

"Wow, man...You're so dreamy." said Ruben.

"Well, I did have this dream once, where I was fighting off an entire army of communist pink elephants. I called in my buddies from the future to launch radioactive bombs at them." said Stroodle.

"Mmmm...Tell me more." said Ruben as she started smoking a joint.

"And when we hit that radioactive bomb, the president of the world gave me the medal of honor. And I was awarded 18 ka-zillion bucks, until the IRS ripped it away from me and I went into a downward spiral and drowned myself in the sink." said Stroodle.