Fake News Reports!

Women made me fat.

Betty Crocker, Mrs. Butterworth, Aunt Jemima…

The Los Angeles Times Weighs In With Legal Experts Over Whether Or Not Alec Baldwin's Television ABC News Interview Was A Risky Move!

"Legal experts? I know better than legal experts. I'M Alec Baldwin!"

Daily Mail Celebrity Is Giddy To Announce The First Trailer For The Harry Potter Reunion "Is HERE" And "It's MAGICAL"!

And—ABRACADABRA!—they made JK Rowling disappear just like THAT.

Reuters Reports Columbian Authorities Have Seized Hundreds Of Arachnids Being Illegally Smuggled Into Europe!

Who knew Europe had a shortage of bugs?

After Tuesday's Election, The Albuquerque Journal Reports That The Voters Complaining About Their City Council Have Voted The Same Politicians Back Into Office!


Joe Biden Murders An Innocent Tree And Leaves It's Decomposing Corpse For America To See!

Telegraph Global Health Security Wonders: "Will We End Up Having Booster Jabs Forever?"

You just do what you're told, capeesh?

I don't care WHAT my mother says, nagging is NOT protected under the 1st Amendment.

My therapist gives me a discount if I pretend I'm someone else.

Christmas is the time of year to tell your family exactly how you feel about them.

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