It was a common occurrence to see a restaurant on any road trip. Lily and her friends agreed weeks ago to visit their dream vacation spot in Florida to experience Disneyland and the magic of the tropical regions, but with any lengthy road trip, they needed to stop by and eat. At least it was like that for Lily since she wasn't one to pack food for her vacation because of the heavy lifting she hated to do.

June stepped out of the car and grunted as she stretched the strain of sitting all day away. "Finally! We're out of that stupid car!"

"You can say that again…" Jules called out from the passenger side as she yawned.

"Hey, come on, guys! I want to eat! Food, food, food!" Lily begged as she rolled out of the car comically from the backseat.

"Fine, but I'm going to pay for my food only. You guys can split the bill or pay it together." June muttered, tired of driving them all day. It was only fair since she was driving them and they were the ones using her car to visit Florida.

"Fine by me! I just want food!" Lily agreed within a heartbeat while a cheerful grin sat upon her face.

Lily greedily took the front and opened the door. When the person manning the front realized it was only going to be three of them, he directed them to a table where they sat down while he handed them menus. Lily bounced up and down on her chair before pointing at the salad in glee.

"I'm going to choose this one! What about you guys?" Lily peered over to see Jules sleepily scrolling through her phone while liking random pictures of boys. As for June, she was busily deciphering the menu, calculating which one would be the best for her waistline.

"Ay, give us some time, will you, Lily?" June huffed out in disapproval. "We just got here!"

"Okay, okay… Sheesh, I'm just hungry…"

"Yeah, we know, but waiting for a few more minutes will not kill you."

Lily deflated for a few seconds before popping back up to see what Jules would choose, but her eyes were still glued to her phone. The number of pictures of boys she scrolled through was ridiculous. It was like she was boy hunting on social media when it was supposed to be an app where they mainly looked at memes, not date.

"Did you choose your food, Jules?" Lily asked, hoping for an answer.

"Mmm? No… I just want soda…" Tilting her head to look over at June, she added another thing. "And maybe a basket of fries."

"So you had something you wanted!"

"Of course, that's why I'm looking at my phone."

"Doing what? Hunting for boys again?" June asked, her arms crossed over her chest. "Don't… Most of them are kinda quirky and weird. None of them are worth it."

"Did I ask for your opinion?" Jules retorted.

June rolled her eyes as their waiter came over in time before she lost her temper. Lily ordered a Mediterranean salad and water, June got a turkey club sandwich with water, and Jules placed her order of a basket of fries and coke.

While they waited, after receiving their water and soda, Lily dipped her finger in her water and rubbed it around the top of the cup. Lily waited for a sound to appear, but when nothing happened, she noticed June giving her a perplexed look. Lily shrugged her shoulders and stared back at June.

"Lily, this is a plastic cup. It's not going to produce any sound as a wine cup would. It has to be glass for it to work." June stated.

"Meh, I tried. Besides, I just want the food." Lily suddenly shifted her attention to Jules sitting right next to her. "Hey, Jules, do you want to share the basket of fries with me?"

"That's what I bought them for."

"Yay!" Lily quietly celebrated with joy. "This is why you're my best friend!"

"Hey, what about me?" June asked, pointing at herself.

"You too!"

But when Lily kept leaning over to Jules, June sighed. Lily's love for people was more apparent when someone shared their food with her, even if it was a stranger. She was the one to keep asking her friends for food despite her lack of money.

It didn't take long for their food to arrive. When it came, Jules and June got busy, ignoring Lily chomping through her salad.

Lily was about to take her next bite when she noticed something oddly red at the bottom of her bowl. She glanced over at Jules and June, but they were looking at their phones.

When Lily scanned the salad for the source, an eyeball stare back at her with equal intensity. Its root sticking out from behind meshed seamlessly with the rest of the salad. It was hard to spot as it somehow closely resembled the tomatoes. Flipping her salad around, Lily discovered the red liquid sitting at the bottom on the other side of the vegetables was red, but not from the juice of the tomatoes. It was the blood sitting at the bottom of the bowl.

Lily probed her fork around for a few more seconds before realizing some chickpeas were strangely shaped. Taking a nibble on one of them, she almost spit it out. She didn't know what it was, but if there was an eyeball in her salad, she could only guess it was a ground-up paste of human flesh, something replicating the details of chickpeas that can be molded into such a shape.

"Uh… I'm going to the bathroom." Lily blurted out, interrupting the peaceful atmosphere.

June looked up at her in surprise. "While you're in the middle of eating? Can't you wait?"

"No, I've got to go bad!"

June tilted her head, scrutinizing Lily's face. "Okay, whatever."

Lily hopped out of her seat and walked around for a few seconds, trying her best to find a staff member working at the restaurant. When she found one, Lily walked up to them and tapped them on the shoulder. "I have a complaint to make about my food."

The waiter looked her up and down before wincing. "I wouldn't recommend going in there, but if you insist… You can go right to the back where the staff door should be across from the bathroom door down that way."

Lily listened to his advice and found the door she was looking for. On the front, a piece of paper taped to the door said, 'Come in if you have any complaints.'

When she opened the door, the stench of something rotting crammed itself down Lily's throat, threatening to make her lose her half-eaten salad. When she peered inside, a chef covered in red stood next to a cutting board with his back towards her. Stacks of bloody bodies with their organs splayed over the counters they were sitting on with their lack of limbs quickened Lily's heartbeat within a second.

A bloody food processor sat next to the cutting board with human skin stuffed in it, a small pool of blood sitting at the bottom of the gadget. A pot bubbling over with cooked blood trickled down to the stovetop, causing a constant hissing noise. Across the pot, a frying pan with a burnt liver sizzled in high heat, causing a charred fleshly aroma to waft through the air.

Frozen in fear, Lily studied the kitchen in horror. Behind her, she heard a bolt drop, locking her in the kitchen. The chef placed the remote on the counter next to the cutting board and grabbed his butcher knife lying on the table. He walked towards her with a limp before he was only a few feet away from her.

Lily's instincts rushed through her veins as she attempted to escape from the same door she came in through, but the chef grabbed her hair and slammed her against the wall. Lily groaned in pain as he stood looking at her through his mask, dribbling crimson hues down the eye sockets. His breath tickled her as she could feel it brushing her face lightly like a soft blanket barely grazing her face, but the smell from it wasn't pleasant as the feel.

The chef touched her around the body before digging through his pocket to produce a white card. He slipped it into her pocket and led her to the door. He unlocked the bolt and shoved her out of the kitchen. Lily barely caught herself in time as she was sent flying into the bathroom on the opposite side.

Lily tried to process what she just saw, but it was too much for her. She had no clue why he didn't kill her, but now she wished he did.

Within a few minutes, after catching her breath, Lily stepped out from the bathroom and found her friends waiting for her outside. Jules had already paid for her food, which she was thankful for, but she couldn't concentrate because of what she just witnessed. Climbing inside the car, Lily reached into her pocket and looked down at the words it said.

"You're free because you're too young! But did you like the food?" Lily mumbled under her breath, quiet enough so none of her friends could hear it.

Lily reached over to her backpack and shakily picked up a pen. She scribbled down on the piece of paper the chef gave her to the best of her ability and wrote just three words.

It was delicious.