Loving Titanium

Summary: Being the lover of a superhero requires a special ability.

The Titanium Titan was the world's strongest meta-human and superhero, and I am his lover. Without an ability like mine, I'd have been a statistic long ago. The biggest peril lies not from his rogues' gallery, criminal masterminds, alien invaders, or interdimensional overlords. Instead, it is something most people do not consider.

The Titan's prior partner was a normal human, a reporter that covered his emergence to the wider world. Unfortunately, his first pelvic thrust reduced 'em to a smear on the bedroom wall. Back then, he was still new to controlling his super-strength. He's improved, but he's still not perfect.

That's why I am glad I have near-total regeneration. It would require an enemy to singe every molecule of myself out of existence, which has not happened yet. The Titan's gotten better, but if I was still a normal human, I'd have died of internal bleeding whenever he gives me a hug.

Loving Titanium, thankfully, is not something I have to die for. We leave the dying to the enemy of the week. Hatred is temporary, but love endures.