Dr James Farley is a dependable doctor who holds an expertise of providing minimally 25000 treatments for various chronic unresponsive health conditions. He believes that you need a customized treatment approach that focuses on your root functional causes.

Leading one of the largest and possibly most successful practices of its kind in United States, he works on improving patient's outcomes and results. He has come up with functional psychological based approach that has the potential to help almost any condition.

Dr James Farley has come up with Neuro Biomedicine model and explains what it is. He states that it is the science evidence-based health process of providing an extreme assessment of a patient's epigenetic allostatic stress load. He strongly agrees that you cannot recover unless you know the root functional causes. Right from brain, cellular energetics and lifestyle to foods and nutrients, he develops personalized plans based on the unique case needs of the patient.

Dr Farley believes that by identifying, measuring, and lowering the allostatic stress load, the healAbility can be automatically raised. He has worked long and hard at his knowledge and precision to which he applies to each and every patient. He is the leading expert in finding which 30 root functional causes are primary for the patients.

About Dr James Farley

Dr James Farley is always committed to provide new possibilities and potential for greater healability, greater depth of understanding, more compassionate listening, and ultimately superior results aimed at restoring proper function.