I am looking for a new beta reader for my new book series, which takes place in a Western-European based world.

The series' synopsis:

When God tells Emelia "Em" Kraven to leave Brittania for the country of Frankia across the Neutral Channel, she does not hesitate to uproot her and her older brother before King Edward has a chance to force them to convert from the Old Religion to the New Religion. But did God really save them? Stuck in the libertine Frankian court, Em watches as her brother and her expatriate friends willingly dive into the licentious customs and entertainment of the court in front of her eyes while, from afar, she watches her beloved former mistress Princess Mary be bullied and harassed by King Edward into converting to the New Religion. Dangers also lurk for Em despite the low profile she has maintained since escaping Brittania. When the bachelor Frankian king casts his eyes on her, how is she supposed to fight a battle on multiple fronts to keep her soul for herself?

Please take a look at The Pirate's Legacy series which I previous wrote to get a sense of how I write!

I'm looking for a beta reader who is organized, likes to give LOTS of comments throughout the Word docs so I can get a sense of their reaction to my characters, catches my grammar/spelling mistakes, helps me spot any inconsistencies in facts or world mechanics, and tell me when my writing or my characters aren't making any sense!

If you happen to have a rudimentary understanding of the French language, that would be a plus since the characters in Frankia speak their version of French.

I've written up to 84 chapters (currently spread through 3 books and probably will have more books coming), so I can either give chapters individually or as several chapters. If you tell me you'll send me a chapter by a certain date, I'd appreciate either you being able to make that self-imposed deadline or at least give me a heads up if there is a delay! I will do the same.

Please DM me if you're interested!