Stone Crossing

Summary: Rick Landon faces the Herald of the Outer Gods, as a host of transdimensional horrors descend upon hm.

Rick Landon stood atop the heap of mutants that invaded the small Ohio town of Stone Crossing. The situation was worse than his scientist friend Risona projected. He blasted one vaguely humanoid aberration with his Solo-300 hunting pistol, and he sliced through the second with his gladius. Demonic ichor spurted across his brown leather jacket, eating through the outer layer like acid. His dog Rex growled as the things formed a line. The abominations staggered back, as if to let something through.

The Herald stepped through a tear in reality, itself an amorphous wound of distorted spacetime. It might have been humanoid once, but it was swathed in a cloak of dead stars. Its uncounted eyes and tendrils fell upon Rick, causing Rex to growl at his feet. The Herald of the Outer Gods spoke, its voice slick and oily.

"Resistance is useless, human," it hissed. "The thousand realities of abominations descend upon you!"

Rick reloaded the pistol. "Should've brought more realities."

Rick drew his pistol and blade in each hand, bounding down the corpse pile with superhuman celerity. He shot the Herald and swept at it, causing it to lurch back with eldritch alacrity. While his strikes had no effect, they caused it to rear back. That was enough for Rick and Rex.

They leapt into the portal, ready to take the fight to the abominations.